Ghetto Golf Liverpool

If you’re anything like me a game of crazy golf prompts images of seaside holidays and tantrums 3 holes in when your swing just isn’t cutting it. You’ll get a shock therefore if you head for a game of Ghetto Golf anytime soon. One of Liverpool’s latest offerings this is certainly no ordinary way to pass a few hours.


Located in the old Cains Brewery, Ghetto Golf is a jungle full of neon lights, graffiti, alternative holes and hotdogs. You can leave your crazy trousers and knitted pullovers at home as this is more OTT than traditional. The 18 holes range from pacman to Grandma’s living room with a stop in the 60’s inspired caravan on the way.


With the walls lined with everything from graffiti to bikes you can be sure no two holes are the same, there’s even a ‘glow in the dark’ neon section to really ramp things up a notch. The flow through is quick and you’ll be making your way round in no time thanks to the staggered starts, unless of course you keep missing the hole.


With the music pumping and the cocktails flowing, Ghetto Golf is the ideal way to pass an evening if you’re on the hunt for a slightly more ‘out there’ activity. Make the most of your visit by sampling one of the various cocktails on offer (although you can’t be sure they won’t impact your score!) and if all that competitiveness makes you hungry Meet Frank have got you covered with one of the most famous hotdogs in town.

This alternative golf course for the cool kids is proving popular so you can book a slot here and follow the guys on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all things Ghetto.


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