Moose Coffee: The Best Pancakes in Liverpool

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would probably be pancakes. Thick ones, crepes, sweet, savoury; you name it, I love it. Finding the perfect place to satisfy my pancake cravings actually turned out to be far easier than I thought. Way back in my first year of university we stumbled across Moose Coffee on Dale Street and I haven’t looked back since.

Aiming to recreate the famous breakfasts of America, Moose offers diners the ultimate breakfast and brunch experience. With 3 restaurants across the North (Liverpool, Crosby and Manchester) it’s a location not to be missed when you’re up this end of the country.

Although I’m all about the pancakes (more on them later) if you fancy something else then there’s an extensive menu featuring everything from Eggs Benedict to another favourite of mine The Fab Five Freddy (think cheese, pulled pork and beef patty goodness!)

But moving on to the good stuff. The pancakes. I don’t know what it is that makes them so god damn amazing but they never disappoint. They’re fluffy, sweet and the perfect size that means once you’ve made your way through the 3 on your plate you’re pretty sure you’ll never eat again.

The topping options are classic: maple syrup, bacon, Nutella and ice cream and I’m definitely a bacon and syrup (who’d have ever thought it could taste so good) with a side of Nutella kind of gal. One thing about Moose is they don’t scrape on their serving size. You get three solid balls of ice cream and more than enough Nutella (meaning there’s chance to eat it on it’s own once you’re done.)

The city centre location means it’s the ideal port of call for any time of the day. The restaurant itself is quite small and due to its popularity there’s often a bit of a waiting list although the longest I’ve ever had to wait is half an hour (which easily flies by when you’re so close to town) and as they don’t take bookings it’s just a case of turning up and hoping for the best.

Don’t be fooled into thinking pancakes are just for Shrove Tuesday, it’s always the right time of year to head to Moose.


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