Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

With one of my new years resolutions (ha! remember those?!) being to read more books I picked up The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson on a bit of a whim and it was the best decision I’ve made all year…

The Plot…

Whilst he waits for his flight home, Ted Severson meets the mysterious Lily Kintner. As they share one too many martinis they begin to play a game of truth which leads Ted to reveal his deepest secrets. He is sure that his wife, Miranda, is cheating on him.

Their game of truth turns darker however when Ted jokingly comments that he could kill Miranda and Lily, without hesitation, offers to help him. After all, a lying, cheating spouse is the kind worth killing right?

Back in Boston the strangers twisted bond grows ever stronger as they plot Miranda’s demise. But there are a lot of things about Lily’s past that Ted doesn’t know, namely her own experience in the art of murder; something which dates back to her own dark childhood. And what the twisted strangers don’t know is that Miranda has dark secrets of her own…

Suddenly all their lives are interwoven and as they end up in a chilling game of cat and mouse it becomes clear that it’s a game not all of them can survive.

The Review…

This was the definition of a book that I just could not put down. It was surgically attached to my hand 24 hours a day. OK so not literally but every minute that I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about when I next would be. I love me a murder/thriller and this ticked every single box. Murder? Check. Flashbacks? Check. Twists and turns that meant you had no idea what was going to happen next? Double check.

I loved the complexity of the characters and how all of them were simultaneously murderers and victims. The characters were written oh so well that it meant I found myself rooting for the vixen killer on more than one occasion and the ending is a cliffhanger/mind-blower extraordinaire.

I loved how the chapters switched between each character whilst still ensuring that the story progressed at breakneck speed. The characters lives all seamlessly interwove and I was constantly trying to second guess whose side they were each on (and I was never right).

It’s no surprise in my opinion that this book is one of the Richard and Judy Book Club picks and a Sunday Times Bestseller but to be honest I feel like this book deserves way more credit. As one of the reviews on the cover says; this is Gone Girl on speed and we all know how fab Gone Girl was…


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