Avoid Reality with VR-Here @ The Boston Pool Loft

When I think about Concert Square on a Monday night I tend to think of my student days en route to the Raz and not an evening spent warding of zombies and underwater jellyfish but that’s exactly how you can spend a Monday night at The Boston Pool Loft.

The BPL as we’ll affectionately call it is playing home to VR-Here every Monday night between 7pm and 10pm giving people the chance to try out a Virtual Reality taster session for free.

We headed over to try it out with little to no expectations. The closest I’ve ever come to any kind of video game is forgetting to feed my Nintendogs way back in ‘08 so I wasn’t expecting to be any good at VR (surprise, surprise I wasn’t.)  Although I may have lacked any technical skills and found myself dying from a zombie invasion within 2 minutes I did have a great time and found myself planning to pay a visit to VR-Here for the full experience.


The guys behind the virtual masterpieces are VR-Here who have a full VR experience centre over on Paul Road. You have to make a booking but once you have you can head over to spend an afternoon fully immersed in another world.

If you’re anything like me then the taster sessions at BPL are the perfect way to ease your way into the world of virtual reality and I don’t think there’s any better way to literally escape the Monday blues. There’s a whole host of experiences you can choose from including Zombie shoot ‘em, The Blue and my personal fave: Space Pirate Trainer.

Just us trying (and failing) to master the VR life…

The 10 minute experience slots are the ideal addition to a night spent at BPL playing pool and sipping on a bev or two (it remains to be seen if the addition of alcohol makes virtual reality better, worse or just damn right confusing!)



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