Autumn Vibes: What To Consider When You Want A Change Of Scene

Autumn is officially here, and you can see it all around. The leaves are changing, the vibe in the air is gearing up for the imminent festive period, and the weather is getting cooler by the day. While there is always so much to do close to home and a life still to live, it’s understandable that at times we feel a change of scene is necessary for our wellbeing. A chance to relax and unwind from busy work schedules, or simply just to gain a clearer perspective on life moving forward. So if you are getting itchy feet and are considering bouncing off somewhere different for a few days break or holiday I wanted to share with you some of the things to consider.

Where to go?

Amsterdam in Winter

One of the first big decision to make is where you might want to go? Are you looking to stay close by, perhaps just heading out into the countryside or scoping a new town or city. Or are you thinking a change of scenery means jumping on a plane and going in search of a warmer climate or a different type of experience entirely? A change of scene can literally mean you heading to another city close by, it could be like me leaving Liverpool and heading to Manchester, Leeds or Birmingham. It could mean crossing the borders into Scotland or Wales or as previously said jumping on a plane and heading somewhere new and exciting, just like we did last month when we visited Stockholm. What floats your boat?

Your budget

Of course, much of what you do is dictated by your budget. So it may be worth checking the bank balance, your savings or the credit card statement to see exactly what you can afford for this break away. Often the smallest of budgets can be stretched with careful planning and meticulous spending, but don’t put yourself under financial strain as this could defeat the object of the purpose of the break.

Where to stay?

Knowing your budget and location means that you have the decision of accommodation to make. It’s now more trendy and cost-effective to think outside of the usual hotel booking and looking at self-catering options like what Airbnb can offer. More and more people are offering up their exclusive pads thanks to the easy Airbnb management services available. However, the options are endless. Consider a caravan, camping or glamping. Maybe a budget hotel or going for something more extravagant like a five star rated establishment.

What to do?

Stockholm City Guide
Taking in the views of an autumnal Stockholm

Having everything booked up means that the fun can begin. Planning your itinerary for the few days you have booked away. Are there any historical sites you want to see? Shopping streets or centers you want to take advantage of? Maybe you are more of a foodie and want to eat at the locations finest restaurants. Blogs online are full of real-life experiences of many of the locations in the world full of advice, tips and tricks. If you aren’t heading too far from Liverpool then the best restaurants across The Mersey could be the place to start. A simple Google search should highlight some recommendations for you.

Finally, take into account exactly what you want to achieve. Experiences, some relaxation and rejuvenation or a chance to bond with loved one and friends. I hope this guide enables you to enjoy your change of scene when the time comes.



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