Simple Steps For Planning Your Next Day Out

Whether you work 9-5 or have kids at home, you will certainly need a break every now and then. Instead of booking holidays abroad, you could always plan a visit somewhere you’ve had your eye on. From museums to walks and exhibitions, most of us have a “bucket list” that we never get around to doing. Next time you need a change of scenery, why not go out and explore something that is not included in the tour books.

Get Researching


Have you ever visited the remote islands of Britain? Do you fancy a day break on the ferry? Whatever you would like to do, you are likely to find plenty of options and reviews. Simply type in your search engine the term Things to do near me and you’ll get several day trip reviews and location guides. Tripadvisor features the latest reviews of all the places in the UK, be them restaurants or natural reserves. You can even ask users for tips on arranging your trip.

Plan Your Journey

Try to figure out exactly how much time you will spend travelling and how long you will have to explore the place. If you have a car, you might want to know how long it takes you to get to your destination, and if you prefer sitting back on the train, you can get train times online.  Use Google Maps for planning the most scenic or fastest route: it’s your choice. Allow time for delays and traffic jams, and check out the opening times of the places you are going to visit.

Give Yourself Time to Explore

Escaping the City: Moel Famau

While fixed programs are great and  give you a sense of achievement, the idea behind a day trip is to explore new places freely. Why not walk around the old town, pop into the local pub and get chatting with people? You might start talking to one of the farmers or other walkers on the way.  You might want to socialise, find out more about the history of the place, or ask the locals about other places to visit nearby. Chances are you’ll find some hidden gems that are not reviewed online or in books. Admire the wildlife and collect species as a family activity if you are going on a day trip with children. They will love the challenge and new experiences.

Set Targets

When you arrange a day trip, you do so to “get away from it all”.  Set yourself a challenge for each journey, such as talking to five strangers, trying one new dish, or spending three hours outdoors. This will make the day out more fun and more rewarding.

Getting out of the house and breaking up your daily routine is a good way of recharging your batteries. Start planning your next day trip and open your mind to new experiences.



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