Heavenly Desserts Liverpool: For the Scouser with a Sweet Tooth

Sometimes you go out for a meal and you find yourself waiting for the dessert menu to be rolled out. You make your way through a perfectly tasty starter and main meal but you know full well it’s the pudding that’s gunna seal the deal. And then all of a sudden your dining partner drops the “I couldn’t eat another thing” line and the prospect of something gooey, sweet and chocolatey is looking less and less likely. Sound familiar? If so then the new Heavenly Desserts cafe/restaurant in Liverpool ONE could be the perfect location. After all, there’s no way of missing out on your sweet treat if you’re at a place solely dedicated to desserts is there?

When I headed down to take a sneak peek at their menu before it’s official opening I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I knew it was going to be good. When it comes to dessert I’m a pure chocolate girl through and through, unless there’s a sticky toffee pudding on the menu which tends to throw ya gal the ultimate curveball. The Heavenly Desserts menu has something for all tastebuds though offering everything from milkshakes to waffles, crepes and even a whole section dedicated to cookie dough.

Luckily for me, a self-proclaimed menu dawdler who changes her mind a good 5 times before making my order, I got to sample a fair few dishes from the menu meaning not only can I offer a thorough rundown, I also went home on an absolute sugar high.


The I’ll have what she’s having waffles were surprisingly light and airy, topped with strawberries, ice cream and melted chocolate they’re a classic choice to leave you full but not so stuffed you find yourself unbuttoning your jeans on the way home.

The white chocolate cookie dough was a personal highlight, so much so you won’t find a picture of it because that bad boy was devoured before I even thought about picking up my camera. Here’s a confession as well, I’d never had cookie dough in my life before sampling this one and boy do we have a new fan. Don’t worry, I too am trying to work out if I’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years.


The chocolate crepes were obviously fab because when is a chocolate crepe not top banana and the selection of cheesecakes that I nibbled my way through also reminded me of my love for that buttery biscuit base.

If you’ve found yourself practically drooling at the thought of some of these masterpieces then you can find Heavenly Desserts on Strand Street at Liverpool ONE just underneath The Gym (ironically I know exactly which I’d class as my heaven and hell.) No matter what time your sweet tooth kicks in you’ll be covered as Heavenly Desserts is open until midnight and is also available on Deliveroo.



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