Sitting Cosy this Winter

Sitting cosy this winter

Everyone likes to take a seat, whether it’s because you’ve had a long and hard day at work, you’re a bit of a couch potato, or it’s the 5 minute break you have in between shifts at the computer desk that make your back ache. Either way, it’s a little luxury we’re allowed whenever we need it. Cosiness: it’s a word we all like to throw around whenever we sit down on a soft sofa cushion, but truly reworking your space this way takes a little effort.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t want to see what’s going on outside, even if we’re a little apprehensive to venture out into the cold, and most likely, the wet. However, if the snow falls this year we’re not going to want to miss out, and that means we need a good place near the windows to settle down with a good cup of hot cocoa and relax in our perfect interior. Here’s some ideas on setting up a good seating space for you and your family when the winter chill blows through the rest of the house.

Use Some Floor Cushions

One of the biggest revolutions in home decorating was inventing the want to go back on the floor, instead of making do with your sofa. So, where winter is concerned, you can craft a bit of a fort, grown up style! Instead of having a bog standard rug, that can get dirty and does in fact get a little boring after a while, throw down some big cushions and make use of all the space you can when the family’s round for Christmas.

Get plenty of fluffy cushions to protect yourself from the coldness of laminated or hardwood flooring, and lounge to your heart’s content with the backing track of a roaring fire. Of course you don’t need a fireplace here, so fake sounds from your phone are fine. It’s nice to look up out of the window with this placement, and it’s an extra cosy hangout centre for your friends when one too many mulled wines takes hold.

Accompany this with some blankets and good music if the roaring flames are not for you and watch happily as the rains pour outside whilst you’re tucked up in your new comfy flooring arrangement.

Try Out a Breakfast Nook

If you don’t have the technical know how for installing one yourself, you can very easily make one using some removable pieces that can be cleared away once you find yourself out and about more in the warm climate spring brings with it, thank god! Plus it makes the maneuverability in a kitchen or dining room a lot easier for parties and hosting your parents for dinner!

Using a breakfast nook, you have the perfect space to bask in that early morning light that we never get for the rest of the day in the winter periods. It also means you have a space where you can get some fine detail work done, such as your nails or even a bit of sewing and crafting, as basking in natural light is better for our eyes and our productivity. Winter is a dark time, so let yourself enjoy the illumination on offer. Plus, if you have plenty of seating cushions and a soft surface, it’s great for a nap!

Use a Centre Piece

So a coffee table is always a welcome addition in a living room, as a place to put your TV remote and phone, and for those crossword puzzles we all like to secretly get up to. However, you can make it a little more interesting; there’s nothing stopping you from putting something else in the middle of your seating arrangement.

Grab some unique furniture wherever you can find it, usually online or your local charity shop, and then build around that. Once you have a clear goal for your living room plans to maximise on the warmest and brightest areas for the winter, it’s a lot easier to plan accordingly around it. You can put an ornate looking trunk in the middle or off to the side, which you can store the usual adorning objects inside and then put some good winter houseplants on top of. Similarly, you can use an ottoman or pouf if you’re crazy about the amount of seating you can stuff inside one room; it also makes it a lot easier to maneuver when you need to throw a Christmas party and plenty of dancing is ahead.

Don’t Forget the Trimmings!

Just like the Christmas turkey, your seating arrangement, and your new living room, is not going to be quite as right without any of the accents. One of the main ways to create your own mini winter cabin inside your house is to change the lighting, making it softer and warmer without the clinical overheard yellow lighting.

You can use fairy lights to decorate a mantel piece or coffee table, which gives a lovely hint of snowflakes on the inside and a soft glow for the long nights. Similarly, you can use a standing lamp to light up most of the room if it’s on the large side.

If you feel like it, you can put up some temporary wallpaper to get in more of a festive mood. They come in all sorts of designs, not to mention you could paint your own scenes on top of these sheets so as not to ruin your walls. Also try using some flowers to pop around and give the space a little more colour in such a neutral environment. For the winter you’re likely to use greys, browns, blues and reds for your decorating purposes, so use the colour pallette you’re working with responsibility and make the place seem a little more cosy just by warming up the walls in this way.

So these were just a few starter ideas that can be easily built on, so go ahead and use them for your own purposes.



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