4 Signs You Know They’re a Keeper

4 signs you know they're a keeper

Relationships are like bikes. They require regular maintenance and it takes a lot of falling down and hurting yourself before you get to the right one. When the right person comes along, however, no matter how much you click it can be all-too easy to deny to ourselves that this one may be the one we want to commit to for keeps.

If your significant other, be they male or female, exhibits any of these traits, the many one day you’ll be in the market for vintage wedding invitations (no Mum, there’s no need to buy a hat!) Read on and get ready to find out your Mum’s hat measurements!

You actively like their friends

Every beau has friends that we can do without or whose company we believe our partner would be better off without. We’ve all met the friends who are a bad influence, a debauched drunkard, a compulsive flirt, an ambitionless slacker or someone with opinions and attitudes that are just plain offensive. Throughout your relationship history you’ve likely met many such people. If, however you actively like and enjoy spending time with your significant other’s friends this is a sign of a truly harmonious relationship.

You’d rather spend a night in with them than a night out

The early days of the dating game are always charming. Inevitably your new beau tries to impress you with lavish dates, flowers and fine food in posh restaurants. These confections are no doubt enjoyable and they should be maintained throughout a relationship… But it’s the quiet night in that’s a true test of your relationship’s longevity. If you can strip away all the bells, whistles and accoutrements from your dates and simply enjoy spending time together, there’s no truer test of a relationship.

They take an active interest in your family

Your family are extremely important to you, and it’s of paramount importance that a prospective partner respect that. Many of your exes no doubt tolerated your family and even made a token effort to make conversation with them, but it’s someone truly special who takes an active interest. If your significant other feels comfortable to be themselves around your family, asks about them and even talks to them without using you as a conduit, this is a sure sign of a keeper!

They actually listen

Listening is a hugely important skill and many of us simply wait for our chance to speak instead of actively listening. If you come home from work to find a bouquet of flowers because you happened to mention last week that Wednesdays are really tough for you, if they send you a link to a travel site extolling the virtues of a place you said you’d love to visit or even if they’re actually responsive in conversation rather than keeping half an eye on the TV or dropping in the occasional “mm hm” you know you have an active listener. So long as you continue to listen to each other your relationship will be built on a strong foundation.


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