Flying Solo: Taking a Trip On Your Own

Escaping the City: Moel Famau

One thing that seems to be a January tradition is booking a holiday. Whether it’s the post Christmas blues, the awful weather or the reality that you’re back to the 9-5 for another year, most of us like to get something booked and in the diary. After all, it’s always fab to have things to look forward to. Sometimes though, getting away from it all isn’t quite enough. Sometimes you need to get away from everyone else as well (mentioning no names…) Although I’ve never done it myself I’ve been toying with the idea of a solo trip and my list of pro’s is really starting to outweigh the cons…

Self, Self, Self

This occasion may be the only time where selfishness isn’t considered a negative. When you travel with other people, you have to consider their plans, which can be a struggle when everyone has somewhere different that they wish to take in, be it museums, restaurants, or local attractions. This way, you get to spend each day exactly how you want to and don’t get dragged round a museum that makes you wish you were one of the artefacts…

Take Five

If you are honest with yourself, when you’re travelling with friends, the pressure to keep going can be enormous, no matter how exhausted you are after a long flight or spending the day exploring on foot. When travelling alone, however, you can head back to your room whenever you like for a guilt-free snooze without having to feel like the Debbie downer of the gang. 

Happiness For Health

Research suggests that getting into holiday mode has the considerable potential to elevate happiness levels. Ironically, research has shown that spending time on our own has been shown to keep depression at bay. Therefore combine the 2 and surely you’re gunna be so happy you might never come home. 

Rocking The Resume

It might not be the first benefit that comes to mind, but travelling looks excellent on your CV, so be sure to add it. Travelling demonstrates to potential employers that you have adaptability, skills in financial planning, excellent communication, and aren’t afraid of getting stuck in. 

Learning The Lingo

The single best way to overcome the language barrier is to throw yourself in head first. When travelling en mass, you may hold back when it comes to speaking to the locals, either through embarrassment or merely relying on others to do it for you. By flying solo, you will be far more inclined to take the time to give it a go after all, you might never find out where that toilet is if you don’t!

Save Your Money

You don’t need to belong to Mensa to understand that travelling alone will work out much cheaper on flights, hotels, days out and food. This may not sound like much, but if you’re planning an extended trip, these expenses can add up fast. Make sure to travel with a company that doesn’t charge you single supplements to reduce the cost further, such as Just You Singles Tours.  By going alone, you will have much more cash to splash precisely how you please.

Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. In fact, most of the time it can have the opposite effect. Have you ever travelled alone? What are your top tips?


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