New Year, New Home: How to Make Your Home Cosier

Christmas may be long gone but the cold weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. When it’s chucking it down outside I’m all about making the inside as cosy as possible. From cushions to blankets these are enough to make you never want to leave the house again, even when it’s sunny.

Curtain Wall

A curtain wall is easy enough to do and can work wonders for your room. Hanging a curtain wall doesn’t have to look like a fortune tellers lair, it can in fact help to make a room more welcoming and even warmer. Installing a curtain rail all the way along a wall and draping a curtain can help to turn sub-temperature homes up a notch or two.

Dark Paint

Dark colours work great for creating a cosy feeling. You don’t want to go too dark and enter the realm of black and foreboding. Instead, you want warm dark colours such as dark purple and deep grey. You can paint one or several walls, and by replacing your white or light coloured walls the room will instantly feel much cosier. This is especially good in the bedroom where, unless you’re like me and sleep with your curtains wide open, you want it to be dark more often than light anyway.

Use Natural Elements

If the place where you live has any natural elements such as beams or exposed stone, then you want to emphasise these. Doing so will make the room feel cosier because it makes the room and home feel like a cosy cabin in the woods. Exposed beams and stone look great by themselves, and the tone of the wood and stone makes the room feel warm and cosy. If you don’t live somewhere that has this kind of thing, then you can still peel back your wallpaper and plaster to reveal the brickwork beneath. You should consult a professional before doing this as you don’t want to inadvertently damage your house or hit an electrical wire.

Throws and Blankets

The mere sight of throws and blankets makes a room feel warmer and cosier. Then actually using them and snuggling beneath has an even greater effect. You can have a throw over most furniture such as chairs and sofas, and it will make the whole thing warmer. Throws also look great, and you can change them with the seasons and tone of the room for great effect. A blanket is always welcomed, especially in the colder winter months when you aren’t leaving the sofa except for more biscuits.


The bedding on your bed can make a huge difference in the feel of the room. The colours that you have chosen will have a different effect depending on their tone and shade. If you want to go for a cosy feeling, then like the walls and curtains you want to choose darker colours. However, having a thick, chunky duvet and fluffy pillows will also go a long way towards selling how cosy and warm the room is. You also want a big, welcoming mattress to lay down on and if you need a new one, you should look up how to buy a pocket spring mattress as they are always a good choice.


A fireplace does more than just heat a room, it also looks fantastic. You might have a fire in it or a wood burner, or it might not be in use at all. Its very presence though makes the room that much cosier. If you can get a fire lit, then regardless of how much heat it is generating the room will feel like that cosy cabin the woods without even having to leave the country. There are few things as satisfying as adding an extra log to your fire in those long winter months.


Whatever kind of floor you have, you should get some rugs. If you have hardwood floors, then rugs are great for keeping the house warm in general, and they will also make everything that much cosier. Having a nice soft rug beneath your feet is better than carpet or wood, especially in winter. However, even the warmer months having a nice rug is always good. We’re currently on the hunt for a rug for our living room so if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know!


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