Book Review: The Couple Next Door

Last year I saw every man and their dog raving about The Couple Next Door. It was dubbed the ‘thriller of the year’ and with good reason. This was the first book I read as part of my ‘read at least one book a month’ new year’s resolution and boy oh boy have I started with a good’un.

The Plot…

When Anne and Marco get invited next door for a dinner party they decide to leave their baby at home. Alone. With promises to check on her every half an hour what’s the worst that can happen?

When they arrive home however their baby is gone. What follows is a thrilling tale of lies and mystery as the detective in charge of the case tries to figure out what happened to their baby and whether or not the parents are as trustworthy as he first thought.

Marco and Anne’s lives begin to unravel as the days go by and there’s still no sign of baby Cora because although they might look normal, the couple next door always have secrets.

The Review…

The second half of last year was one of my best reading runs since I was about 13. I loved spending my evenings and weekends knee deep in a good book and there weren’t many times that I was seen without one glued to my hand. Once December and Christmas hit though my beloved books had to take a back seat. Now though I’m back in the game and figured there was no better way to kick the year off than with the book that’s been firmly at the top of my to-read list for months.

The problem when a book comes so highly recommended is that it can be a huge disappointment, I’m pleased to announce however that this lived up to the hype. I was hooked. Every waking minute I wanted to be reading it and when I wasn’t I found myself getting separation anxiety.

The book is told through various viewpoints, mainly Detective Rasbach, which means the story moves quickly and within half a chapter you’ve got tonnes of information in your lap that you’re frantically trying to figure out.

There were more twists and turns in this than your average roller coaster and as more and more of the story unravelled everything you think you thought you knew about what happened to baby Cora changes quicker than you can say missing baby.

The character of Rasbach was one of my favourite fictional detectives (after Poirot and Holmes of course) and I’d love to see some more books from his viewpoint and if they’re anything like this one I’d devour them in one sitting.

Next door neighbour Cynthia was another character who I’d have loved to get more of a starring role because after all, everyone loves a b**ch. Anyone for a sequel??


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