Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

I’ve spoken before about how much I love buying presents for people. There’s always one occasion that stumps me though: Fathers Day. Perhaps this is a case for all Dad’s but my Pops is notoriously hard to buy for. It’s a classic case that he deserves the world (or he’d probably prefer his own golf course) but as it stands, ya gal can’t quite stretch to that. With just under a month to go until the big day I’m getting in early this year and planning ahead. In case you’re like me and often find yourself struggling at the last minute, here are some gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your old man’s face.

Depending on where your Dad sits on the pamper and self-love scale depends how well a gift like this would go down but treating him to some new aftershave or self-care products could be a winner. I’m guessing for most Dad’s a beauty regime isn’t top of their priority list and I’m not suggesting you spend hours trying to convince him that in 2018 men can wear foundation too. Why not treat him to a Fathers Day Perfume Gift Set or a beard kit featuring all the oils and lotions that any man needs to keep his facial fuzz in top condition.

We’re all busy people which is why I love buying people a gift which is actually an activity for us to do together. I mentioned this in my Mother’s Day gift guide but I’m pretty sure spending some quality time together is the best gift you can get your parents. Why not play a round of his favourite sport, book an experience day like track car racing or a hot air balloon ride or even treat him to tickets to see his favourite sports team play.

Forgive me if I’m being sexist here but I’m pretty sure most men love a new gadget. Why not treat your Dad to a home assistant like the Google Home or Amazon Alexa? The handy devices are the perfect way to keep him occupied whilst being useful at the same time. Alternatively, you could consider something which I’ve had my eye on for a while, a Lumie Bodyclock Alarm Clock. These clever devises wake you up with natural, gradual light helping you to feel more refreshed and alert in the morning.

Fathers Day Gift Guide

If your Dad is like mine, then he’ll love watching sport on the TV. Nowadays it isn’t as simple and switching on BBC One and sitting back with a beer to watch the footie and most sports matches are only available via subscription services.  If your Dad hasn’t taken the plunge and signed up for one yet, why not get the ball rolling and treat him to a year’s subscription? There’s loads to choose from including Sky and Now TV, just pick whichever one you think would suit him best. You could always renew it for him each year meaning you’ll never have to think of another Father’s Day present ever again!

Last but by no means least, there’s always the option of treating your Dad to something more sentimental. Not On The High Street is my go to place for unique gifts that come with a high chance of producing a tear. A framed picture of the two of you is always a winner or if he’s a wine and a golf fan this personalised bottle of wine and wine case went down a treat when I gave it to my Dad on his birthday.

Hopefully these will have given you some ideas ahead of the big event and now you’ve got no excuse for leaving it until the last minute!


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