3 Reasons To Be Hyped For Summer In Liverpool

Before you get stuck into this post there’s something you should know about me. For years I have dubbed myself a lover of winter and hater of summer. Being pale and ever so slightly ginger means that me and heat just don’t go well together. Give me a cosy blanket in autumn any day. This year though a change has occurred. Whilst I’m still an autumn/winter fangirl I’ve been itching for summer. My evenings have been spent pining for a beer garden and my sunglasses have been sat ready to go. Who knows why, maybe I’ve had too many Kopparberg’s, but I am so ready for some sunshine.

Liverpool in summer is something else altogether. It’s great all year round but on a sunny day everything looks better and everyone feels better. Taking a stroll along the Albert Dock with an overpriced ice cream or kicking back in a beer garden after work, there’s no need to jet off when I could stay in Liverpool for all the summer vibes I need. Here are my top 3 reasons for being so bloody hyped for summer in the pool.

Summer in Liverpool
Summer in Liverpool

The rooftop bars-Liverpool has some cracking views and luckily enough you can take them in at one of the many rooftop bars across the city. Get up close and personal to Liverpool’s Three Graces with a trip to Matou, a Pan Asian restaurant with a rooftop terrace right on the water front (FYI, their Porn Star Martinis are the BOMB). The Pièce de résistance of Liverpool’s rooftop bars is Goodness Gracious, which is connected to Oh Me Oh My. Ask someone for a rooftop bar in Liverpool and they’re bound to send you here. It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon sinking multiple cocktails.

The beaches-Liverpool may well be a busy city but as I’ve mentioned before, just a few minutes down the road you’ve got beaches galore. I may have lived here nearly 5 years but I’m yet to step foot on any of the sandy shores but this is the year that all that changes. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be spending a good chunk of my summer firmly parked on the sand. Crosby beach and New Brighton are both nearby to satisfy your sand cravings, or for a classic British seaside resort Southport will offer all the ice cream and fair ground rides that your heart desires.

The events-Summer in Liverpool never disappoints when it comes to finding something to do. This year is set to be busier than ever as the city celebrates 10 years since it was named the European Capital of Culture. Some of my favourite annual events take place in the summer months with Africa Oye and LIMF returning to Sefton Park this summer. If boats are your thang then the River Mersey is set to be full of various vessels of all shapes and sizes and the terracotta warriors are still living it up in the World Museum until October.

With the sun finally making an appearance I’m more hyped than ever before for a long, hot summer (said in my best Caroline Flack voice).



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