5 Ways To Get Cosy This Autumn

If there’s one word I’d use to describe myself it would be cosy. Once we get to autumn/winter this gal THRIVES on everything from orange leaves to cosy nights in front of the fire. If you’re in need of a little cold weather TLC these 5 tips should see ya being the cosiest folk in town in no time.

PJ’s, PJ’s and more PJ’s

A good 60% of my wardrobe would fall into the ‘loungewear’ category. Although I love a pair of skinny jeans or a fancy new top, nothing makes my lil heart more excited than when I hand over my bank card for a new pair of PJ’s. I’m that person that doesn’t believe in wearing anything but PJ’s around the house and if I’m home at 3pm on a Saturday with no intention to leave again then you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll have some sort of cosy (potentially fleecy) pyjamas adorning me.

5 ways to get cosy this autumn

When these blue checked bad boys flew through my post box from the guys at Hunkemoller it was one of those days when the skinny jeans were off before I’d even made it through the door (well not literally) and I was plonked on the sofa with a cup of tea in hand before you could even utter the word cosy. They’re suuuuper soft and the perfect length and thickness to get yourself cosy without overheating under a blanket and having to throw open the windows for some air. Now I just need to work out if I can get away with wearing them to the office…


5 ways to get cosy this autumn

I am more than a little bit partial to a candle or two, hell walk into our flat and you’ll probably find one on nearly every surface. There’s something about getting home from work, turning all the lights of and just relaxing with a flickering candle in the corner that makes even the most cold-hearted amongst us melt a little (was that a candle related pun? Maybe.)

5 ways to get cosy this autumn

10 points if you can spot me….

When it comes to picking a candle I’m ALL about the scent. In the autumn winter months anything spicy and festive will win for me and if there’s any mention of cinnamon I’ll be all over it like a bad rash. Yankee Candle are the waxy kings but hunt the aisles of TK Maxx for some unknown gems and if you fancy splashing out then The White Company not only offer top notch scents but the most picture perfect candles in town.

Blankets and Throws

5 ways to get cosy this autumn

Blankets and throws ain’t just for the grandma’s amongst us. A good blanket is the perfect company for a cosy night in and if you’re anything like me and HATE putting the heating on (hello headaches) then blankets become your new best friend.

Not only do I have a selection adorning the end of my bed I like to keep at least one by the sofa so I can easily grab it when it’s getting chilly whilst I’m watching Corrie and in a post-dinner slump. They’re also perfect if you end up with some unexpected guests over the winter months who require a little bit more than just a sofa to sleep on…

A good book

5 ways to get cosy this autumn

I mean a good book is a year-round essential for yours truly but when it comes to getting cosy in the cooler months, snuggling up with a gripping read is always a winner. When the weather has taken a turn for the worst and the thought of going outside fills you with more fear than clowns at Halloween then getting comfy on the sofa, nose-deep into a good read is the ultimate escape. Opting for a book over our trusty pal Netflix is also a good way of giving your eyes that much needed screen break.

A warm drink

Oh how I love a warm drink. I’ll ALWAYS be a cup of tea gal and I stand by the mantra that there ain’t nothing in life that can’t be solved with a good cup of Tetley. I am trying to wean myself ever so gently into the scary world of coffee and once December hits a gingerbread latte or two doesn’t go a miss.

Whether you’re a tea kind of lad or a hot chocolate connoisseur then snuggling up under a before-mentioned blanket with a good cup of hot stuff in ya mits is a sure fire way to get all them cosy feels.

With my top tips for cosiness I’m more than ready to hibernate for the winter. I’ll see you in March….



  1. November 3, 2017 / 6:09 pm

    I was just going through my wardrobe and it’s all lounge wear! Everything else is packed away for summer.

  2. November 3, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    I love drinking tea and reading in the fall time, It’s so cozy! Like your post!:)

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