Aperol Spritz: The Only Cocktail You’ll Be Sipping This Summer

A couple of weeks ago I went along to one of my favourite Liverpool haunts, The Clubhouse, for an evening of cocktail shaking and sipping with the guys from Aperol. In case you haven’t yet figured it out I’m quite the cocktail fan and the idea of spending a post-work summers evening sipping 2017’s coolest cocktail wasn’t met with too much resistance.

Aperol Spritz is made up of Aperol, Prosecco and Soda and is the ideal drink when you want something light with a tangy kick. The Aperol aficionados are hosting various ‘Aperol Spritz Socials’ across the country throughout the summer and this was Liverpool’s turn. The socials are set to spritz up both your drink and your social life and feature cocktail masterclasses, DJ’s and Aperol themed games.

Aperol Spritz: The Only Cocktail You'll Be Sipping This Summer

Aperol is Italy’s favourite Aperitif and when combined with prosecco and soda it makes for the ideal drink to sip as you soak up the sun (or the slightly overcast clouds because, yenno, we do live in England!) I’d never personally tried one before the event but with my cocktail connoisseur other-half already hailing it as his new fave I knew I wasn’t about to be disappointed.


Not only was the drink of honour the bees knees  but the event itself was a great way to pass a few hours. With the chance to learn a lil’ bit of Aperol back story, a race to see who could make the quickest and best cocktail (a game that I dutifully stepped out of due to my clumsy tendencies) and finally the chance to make your very own spritz. I can confirm it’s not as easy as it looks and I’ve got a whole new appreciation for those who work behind the bar; shaking up any type of cocktail in record speed! As the pictures below show; I won’t be giving up the day job any time soon.

aperol faces

You should be able to find an Aperol Spritz on the menu at most bars this summer and I couldn’t recommend trying one more. If you like the sound of attending one of the ‘Aperol Spritz Socials’ then check out their website for more info!



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