Being a Tourist in Your Own City

Sometimes we take for granted where we live. It’s easy to do considering you see the same streets and landmarks day in day out. If you’re anything like me then you either walk along with your head in your phone or listening to music and completely zoning off (probably not the safest way to navigate the city centre of Liverpool.) Although it may mean that I get from A-B in record time I don’t tend to take in any of my surroundings. Liverpool is full of history and culture, it has some of the best looking buildings in the world (am I bias? Probably) and is a tourist hotspot for good reason. Therefore lately I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to be a tourist in my own city and actually appreciate my surroundings.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not suddenly walking around with a guide book in one hand and a selfie stick in the other but I have been exploring new parts of the city and taking the time to not only appreciate where I live but learn more about its history.

Being a tourist in your own city

The easiest way I’ve found to explore a bit more of Liverpool is by tagging along on one of the various guided tours that take place across the city. Last week me and my other half decided to spend our Friday afternoon on one of the ‘hop-on hop-off’ tour buses. The distinctive red double decker buses can be found in most major cities nowadays so no matter where you live you should be able to find one near-by. Although it might sound like a strange activity for 2 people who already live in the city it was actually really fun and interesting, I even spotted a few monuments and landmarks that I didn’t know existed!

Being a tourist in your own city

If the double-decker life isn’t for you then the Shiverpool tours might be the answer. I spoke about these as a great date idea but they are ideal to do with anyone from your mum to your mates. There’s a couple of tours to choose from and they take you down various areas of the city at night, telling you tales of ghosts and ghouls along the way. Although some of the tales may not be 100% factually correct it’s a great opportunity to soak in some of Liverpool’s amazing architecture as the sun sets.

Although hanging around some of the tourist hot-spots when you’re a local probably sounds more like your idea of hell, they certainly shouldn’t be forgotten about. Most visitors to Liverpool want to see one (or all) of three things: The Cavern Club, The Cathedral and The Albert Dock. I lived next door to the Anglican Cathedral for a year but only stepped inside when I graduated from university and realised what an absolute gem I’d been missing out on. The interior is as stunning as everyone makes out and I’ve already added taking a trip to the top to my bucket list. If heights aren’t your thang then keep an eye out for local arts markets at the weekend.

Being a tourist in your own city

The Cavern Club is a hub of live music and although it might fill you with images of hen parties and the slightly *ahem* older generation it’s actually a great way to while away a few hours, drink in hand…just don’t expect to be able to have a conversation over the noise of the music! Liverpool’s docks are famous and rightly so. Take a wander along the Albert Dock and you’ll find something for everyone, take in the view either on land or on the wheel or stop for a drink or something to eat at one of the various bars and restaurants, although it gets busy (especially when the sun’s out) the atmosphere is worth waiting for a spot!

Being a tourist in your own city

I don’t think you can call yourself a scouser (or an adopted one) if you haven’t taken a trip to either Anfield or Goodison Park. When your boyfriend is a life-long red there’s only one choice for where your inaugural football match will be. Although I didn’t understand the off-side rule and had next to no clue who was even on the pitch the atmosphere and sense of community meant that I wasn’t bothered at all. I’d recommend trying to go to a match to anyone and I left feeling like I was an official LFC fan…if only for a day.

Although I may sound like the ultimate Liverpool tourist there is one thing that’s still on my list…trying scouse. I’m not really a fan of any kind of stew-like dish but you can’t live in Liverpool without giving it a go. It’s probably not quite the season for a hearty bowl of the hot stuff but come winter I’m determined to hunt it down so keep your eyes peeled for a review…


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