Book Review: In Safe Hands

Welcome to the first book review of 2019! I started off January with all the best intentions when it came to reading, I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 50 books this year so I knew I needed to get going. Typically though I found myself in a bit of a reading slump. I’ve found my groove again now and we’re all systems go for that reading challenge (hopefully!)

I read In Safe Hands by J P Carter over the Christmas break and I’ve been itching to share it with you ever since. On Christmas Eve I had a 4 hour train journey to get home and this is what I chose to pass the time. Let’s just say I didn’t look up once for the whole journey. I was HOOKED.

One morning a group of children are abducted from their nursery. A group of men manage to break in and take the children and what follows is a race against time as the police try to find them. In Safe Hands follows the main police officer on the case whose own daughter was abducted by her father 10 years ago and the mother of one of the children. The chapters alternate between each of the 2 perspectives and we all know how much I love a multi-perspective book.

Put simply, I LOVED this book. I thought the premise was a great one and I imagine for those who have children it would act as a stark reminder that you can never be too careful who you trust to look after your kids. The plot was fast-paced and as the investigation progressed, various twists and turns and kept me turning page after page.

I really liked the main character, DCI Anna Tate, and I thought there was the perfect mix of developing her own character and story whilst still focusing on the finer details of the investigation. I really enjoy police centered books but I was pleasantly surprised that this didn’t delve too far into the police system and how it works. Don’t get me wrong I love books that do, there just wasn’t really a need for it in this one.

There’s a real sense of urgency with this book, not least because one of the children taken is seriously ill and without his medication, and I found myself speed-reading to match the pace and willing the police to work faster. I did figure out who was behind it all pretty early on, just call me Miss Marple, but I still enjoyed finding out if I was right (I was) and uncovering the reasons behind it all. There were still a whole heap of unexpected twists thrown at me.

If you’re looking for a book that will hook you from the first page then I couldn’t recommend In Safe Hands more. Maybe avoid it if you’ve just dropped your kids off at nursery though...

In safe hands book review

[AD- This book was gifted to me by Avon Books in return for a review as part of the In Safe Hands book tour]


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