Book Review: The Rebel

When I went home for Mother’s Day I think my Mum thought we would spend some quality time together. What she got instead was a daughter who couldn’t tear herself away from her book. The Rebel was said book. I started this on the train home on the Friday and finished it on the train back on the Monday and that was despite my best attempts to make it last as long as possible.

The Plot...

Laura Jefferson is a cop who plays by the rules. Working for the Metropolitan police, she is a member of the Organised Crime Task Force who are working to bring down some of London’s biggest underground crime lords. The one they’ve all got their sites on though is Roy Slack, the undisputed King of organised crime in the capital. Unfortunately for them, Roy isn’t about to go down without a fight.

When he realises that the police will stop at nothing to put him behind bars the criminal pulls out all the stops. Threatening to kill members of the task force and their loved ones one by one unless they stop their manhunt, Roy is hell-bent on getting revenge on the people he hates the most; the police.

Determined to punish him the police ignore Slack’s warning and continue their work. Once the bodies start appearing however their loyalties are tested and Laura will stop at nothing to ensure her family stays safe.

The Rebel Book Review

The Good...

This book well and truly got me hooked. I know you’re probably thinking I say that about every book I read but what can I say, I’m good at picking page turners. The Rebel was written from 3 different perspectives: Laura, Roy Slack and the exotic assassin hired by Slack to carry out the killings. Personally I love a book that mixes up the voice, it keeps it fresh and is normally a fail safe way to reveal plot secrets and twists. And boy were there plenty of those. With each turn of the page you were wondering who would be next on the hit list and if the police would figure out who was really responsible for the bodies cropping up across the capital.

Another thing I liked about this was it was actually pretty realistic. There were no far fetched plot twists like can often be the case in murder thrillers and this was gritty and edgy (2 things I am definitely not).



The Bad...

Other than the villain of the show, who I have to admit I did have quite a soft spot for, there really wasn't anything bad about this book. The ending was a little rushed perhaps but then that's normally the way once all the plot strings have unraveled. Although I said it wasn't far fetched the very last chapter was, in my humble opinion, the only part that gained a teeny tiny eye roll from me.

If this hasn't made you want to grab a copy as soon as it's released then make sure you follow the blog tour for The Rebel.



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