Book Review: Then She Was Gone

Since me and the food afficiondo that is Hungry Harriet  discovered we’re both actually 80 inside we seem to have found ourselves in an unofficial book club. When ‘Then She Was Gone’ by Lisa Jewell landed on my desk with promises that I would devour it within a weekend I knew it was time to put the kettle on and not leave the flat for 24 hours…

The Plot…

10 years ago Laurel’s daughter vanished into thin air. As she starts to move on with her life Laurel meets a handsome stranger who turns her world upside down, not least when he introduces her to his 9 year old daughter….who bears a striking resemblance to Laurel’s own missing daughter.

Now Laurel must decide if it’s finally time to move on or if there are still one too many questions surrounding Ellie’s disappearance that she needs answers too. Unconvinced that she was just a teenage runaway, Then She Was Gone follows her on her mission to find out what really happened to her daughter once and for all.

The Review…

I’ve always been a book worm but this hit a new record for the fastest I’ve ever read a book. One Saturday night I plonked myself on the sofa, waved my better half off on a night out and picked up this book. 4 hours later I hadn’t moved and it was with a heavy heart that I put the book back on the coffee table; itching for my next spare 5 minutes to finish it.

What I loved about this was that from near the beginning you could figure out what had happened you just couldn’t work out how. With each page you’re itching for Laurel to put the pieces of the puzzle together, if only for your own peace of mind.

Cleverly written so that lives and relationships interweave whilst still ensuring the reader is kept in the loop this is the perfect book to curl up with under a blanket and devour on a rainy September afternoon. Even as the book nears it’s conclusion you still find yourself with a list of unanswered questions. Why does Poppy look so blummin’ similar to Ellie? And is it just a coincidence that her Dad unexpectedly landed in Laurel’s life?

If you’re into your mystery/psychological-thrillers then boy is this the book for you. Cancel all your plans and box it off in one sitting, I promise you ya won’t regret it.


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