Aperol Spritz: The Only Cocktail You'll Be Sipping This Summer

Aperol Spritz: The Only Cocktail You’ll Be Sipping This Summer

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A couple of weeks ago I went along to one of my favourite Liverpool haunts, The Clubhouse, for an evening of cocktail shaking and sipping with the guys from Aperol. In case you haven’t yet figured it out I’m quite the cocktail fan and the idea of spending a post-work summers evening sipping 2017’s coolest cocktail wasn’t met with too much resistance.

Cocktails in the City Liverpool

Cocktails in the City: Liverpool’s Best Cocktails

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When you’re as big a cocktail fan as I am then you aren’t gunna turn down the chance to sample some of Liverpool’s finest beverages all under one roof. On Thursday I was invited along to a sneak preview of Cocktails in the City; every cocktail lover’s dream event that’s hitting Liverpool this Friday.

Stanley's Bar and Grill at the Titanic Hotel

REVIEW: Stanley’s Bar and Grill at the Titanic Hotel

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When you’re a burger and chips kind of gal it can be hard finding a slightly more upmarket menu that doesn’t leave you running towards the hills (or the nearest McDonalds) After sampling the new summer menu at Stanley’s Bar and Grill in the Titanic hotel though I may well have found one that’s right up my street.

The Best Restaurants in Liverpool for a Special Occasion

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I LOVE eating out. If I could go out for tea every night I probably would (mainly due to my distinct lack of skills in the kitchen!) I remember when I was younger going out for dinner was often quite the treat, reserved for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Liverpool has an endless amount of restaurants on offer and there are always new ones being added to the list so I’m constantly out trying the latest menu. My excessive dining out habits however mean that sometimes when a special occasion rolls round, going out for a bog standard meal just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. That being said there are some stunning restaurants in Liverpool that make eating out that little bit more special for the big diary dates…

Moose Coffee: The Best Pancakes in Liverpool

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If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it would probably be pancakes. Thick ones, crepes, sweet, savoury; you name it, I love it. Finding the perfect place to satisfy my pancake cravings actually turned out to be far easier than I thought. Way back in my first year of university we stumbled across Moose Coffee on Dale Street and I haven’t looked back since.