How to Make Rented Accommodation Feel Like Home


Last month I made the oh so exciting move into a new flat and a month later I’m finally settled in. Rented accommodation brings up images of dated decor and tiny bedsits for a lot of people but in actual fact some of the best pads out there are to rent. Although we loved our flat when it was just an empty shell we still wanted to ‘make it our own’ and I’ve been in my element researching and sourcing the ultimate interior items. If you’re moving into rented accommodation or if you already live there here’s how you can make it feel like home.

My Top Places Online For Every Day Inspiration

My Top Places Online For Every Day Inspiration


OK so I know in last weeks post I was waxing lyrical about the importance of ‘switching off’ and spending some time away from the screen and don’t get me wrong I haven’t suddenly changed my mind, I AM making an effort to put my phone down and enjoy the moment. That being said the internet is a marvellous place and with so many sites and users it’s a great place to find inspiration and information.

If I must stare at a screen then I at least try and be productive whilst doing it and I can often be found scrolling the following sites when I’m in need of a lil bit of life inspiration…

Digital Detox: The Importance of Switching Off

Digital Detox: The Importance of Switching Off


Us so-called millennials are all guilty of it. We’ve grown up in the age where having your head buried in your phone is the norm and with those little handheld devices being capable of so much it’s no surprise that we (and I mean ME) start to get a little tetchy when we can’t use them. WiFi is, these days, an absolute requirement before planning any kind of trip and it’s not just our phones that we’re obsessed with. TV’s, Laptops, Tablets and iPads; the digital revolution means it’s practically impossible to switch off and actually live in the moment.

My Current Favourite Liverpool Independents


This week see’s a week long celebration of everything independent hit our favourite city. Independents week is set to showcase everything that is great about the local indie scene in Liverpool. From bookstores and bars to cafes and cocktail lounges there’s an independent on practically every street corner meaning there’s no better city to be the unofficial home of the Independents.

What Really Happens When You Move Away From Home

What Really Happens When You Move Away From Home


At the tender age of 18 I took the plunge and moved away to university and I haven’t looked back since. Almost 4 years later I’m still living the northern dream and have created my own lil’ life in Liverpool. Coming from the countryside (the smallest county in England to be precise) meant that 18-year-old me was itching to be somewhere bigger, somewhere more exciting and somewhere with a bit more going on. Liverpool therefore was the answer to my prayers.