Digital Detox: The Importance of Switching Off

Us so-called millennials are all guilty of it. We’ve grown up in the age where having your head buried in your phone is the norm and with those little handheld devices being capable of so much it’s no surprise that we (and I mean ME) start to get a little tetchy when we can’t use them. WiFi is, these days, an absolute requirement before planning any kind of trip and it’s not just our phones that we’re obsessed with. TV’s, Laptops, Tablets and iPads; the digital revolution means it’s practically impossible to switch off and actually live in the moment.


Working a desk job and staring at a computer screen all day means that the last thing my eyes want to do is take in any more blue light and yet I still sit and spend my evenings aimlessly scrolling Twitter or absorbing myself in Netflix…it’s no surprise my eye prescription gets stronger with each trip to the opticians. Therefore, after being berated for always having my phone in my hand one too many times I’ve decided to make an effort to ‘switch-off’ in my evenings and enjoy things that don’t require a WiFi connection…

Pick up a Book

Once upon a time I was the biggest bookworm going. I used to love nothing more than Saturday mornings spent in the library picking out 8 new books and would spend hours with my head stuck in a book. Uni and full-time work however meant that the spare hours I do have weren’t normally spent 10 chapters into the latest bestseller; lately however that’s been changing. Instead of switching the TV on every night without thinking about what I’m watching I’ve been curling up on the sofa with a bloody good book (my current read of choice is this in case you were wondering) and I’ve found myself both fully immersed in the story and feeling a lot more relaxed by the time I climb into bed. Getting hooked on the tale also means the desire to check my phone or send a pointless text is a big fat zero as I’m not about to waste any precious reading minutes.

Go for a Walk

OK so this is a bit more of a seasonal option but while summer is around I’ve been trying to make the most of the lighter nights. During winter I find myself leaving the house and getting home in the dark (which is exactly as grim as it sounds) so a walk along the docks wasn’t really on the cards. Since it’s been actual daylight when I’ve got home though I’ve found myself spending more and more evenings going for a stroll, phone firmly out of sight. Liverpool is full of amazing landmarks and architecture and as I’ve mentioned before, when you live here it can be easy to ignore it. Taking the time to get some fresh air, some exercise and even some sight-seeing is never a bad idea.

Digital Detox: The Importance of Switching Off

Go for a walk and take in your surroundings, Liverpool is full of architecture and views.

Play a Board Game

Board games might sound like the pastime of years gone by but arranging a games night for you and your mates could be the ideal alternative to a night bingeing in front of the TV. I love boards games (Cluedo is my fave FYI) and I reckon they’re a great way to spend some time actually interacting with other people whilst keeping your mind busy at the same time. If you’re not much a board game-er then you could always try your hand at cards; many an evening was spent back in my Uni days playing cards and it was fab and oh so wild…

As I try and make a real effort to ‘switch-off’ slightly from the digital world and spend some time away from the screen do you have any other ideas of how to keep my phone addiction at bay?




  1. findingataraxia2017
    August 21, 2017 / 4:41 pm

    Switching off is so important, and not something I realized I had a problem with until I started my blog – which also meant I started obsessively checking my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for new comments and likes. Ugh! I’m totally pro-board game (House on Haunted Hill, anyone?) and pro book! I’ve also found that picking up a few extra exercise classes helps keep my mind away from the screen and “in the moment.” I’ve started my detox by promising I won’t look at my phone for 30 minutes before bed, and for at least 30 minutes after waking up. The rest of the day is a work-in-progress.

  2. September 3, 2017 / 11:56 am

    Great blog post!!! Totally agree with digital detoxing – in this world where we are in constant connectivity, we sometimes really just need time to ourselves and log off from the virtual sphere. Great alternatives here as well to our digital dependence! Love it! Perfect solutions to a night in with friends and really reconnect with the social world.

    Check out my blog too on why digital detoxing is so vital to our inner wellbeing, and let me know what you think !

    • September 20, 2017 / 1:03 pm

      So glad you liked it! 🙂

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