Embracing the Great Outdoors

I have never been much of an outdoors person. I grew up in the countryside and although much of my childhood was spent ‘playing out’ and I lived in a town so small that we could and did walk everywhere; that’s about where my ‘outdoorsy’ side ends. I’m much more at home when I’m parked on the sofa and god forbid someone suggests an outdoor activity or even worse, camping.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that this year we’ve actually had some sunshine or because I spend my days chained to a desk with no choice but to be indoors, but I’ve been fully embracing getting outside and man am I reaping in the benefits.

Now don’t be thinking that I’ve petitioned to move my office to the roof or that I’ve suddenly started sleeping underneath the stars but I have been making some small changes. Although I’m not lucky enough to have a garden (that’s city centre living for you) I am blessed with a balcony and I’ve been spending as many evenings and weekend mornings out there as possible.

I’ve also been dragging my backside for a walk on my lunch hour. I used to be the worst culprit for eating at my desk but on the sunny days I’ve been heading out for a short walk around the block or even along the waterfront. I find that it’s the perfect way to refresh myself for an afternoon of productivity and is even helping to stave off the boredom biscuit binge at 3pm.

The guy I like to call my better half also now lives in the Welsh countryside which means many of our weekends are spent in the peaceful valleys and there’s no better chance to get some fresh air in our lungs. Our Sunday’s are now often filled with long country walks and BBQ’s and badminton in the garden and I am LIVING for it.

Embracing the great outdoors

Since actually getting some fresh air every once in a while I have been revolutionised. Here are some of the ways that the great outdoors have made an improvement...

I’m a bronzed goddess- OK so no I’m not actually anywhere near a bronzed goddess. I have been blessed with paler than pale skin but since actually getting myself outside for a bit every day I’ve noticed an ever so slight glow. Someone even told me I had a tan.

My mental health is on point (kinda)- alright maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but I have noticed an improvement both mentally and physically. Getting out and going for a walk means I’m actually getting some exercise in and has stopped me feeling so lethargic and let’s be honest, the sun puts everyone in a great mood.

I’m sleeping like a baby- I’ve always said that the sun tires me out (there’s a reason the Spanish go for a siesta) but since I’ve been getting more air into my lungs I’ve noticed that I am getting the best quality of sleep I think I’ve ever had.

Disclaimer: I apologise if you’re a hay fever sufferer and have therefore read this post whilst rolling your eyes and thinking “she doesn’t know how lucky she is.”

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