Escaping the City: Moel Famau

Living in the city is pretty darn cool. I love living amongst the hustle and bustle of city centre Liverpool and pretending that I’m the ultimate city slicker (I’m not but a gal can dream.) That being said I’m a country gal at heart and sometimes a few days out of the fast lane is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve spoken before about how important is to ‘switch off’ from all things digital and last weekend I took it one step further.

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Escaping the City: Moel Famau
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As the bank holiday rolled around we headed over to North Wales for some much needed R&R. Just a 30-40 minute drive from Liverpool you find yourself in the Welsh countryside surrounded by rolling fields and picture perfect views. Luckily we were blessed with perfect weather and we spent the majority of our weekend in the great outdoors. It was the ultimate revitalising weekend to wake up and be greeted by silence as opposed to the soundscape of cars and sirens that greets the urban dweller.

We spent our Saturday afternoon nearly 2000 ft up in the air climbing Moel Famau. Snowdon it is not and to the experienced trekker this is probably nothing more than a hill but to the girl who gets out of breath climbing the stairs it might as well have been Everest. It may have been a *slight* struggle to get to the top but the top class views we got to experience when we finally reached the ‘peak’ were more than worth it.

As we made our way up with dodgy phone signal and just each other and the odd sheep to keep us company it got me thinking about how easy it can be to get swamped in everyday life. When you work a 9-5 and LOVE a routine like I do then it can be easy to spend your days moving from the office to the flat without realising you’re doing the same thing day in day out. Mixing it up every now and then with a trip away or even just a solo walk to take in your surroundings can be the ultimate therapy and a change of pace never hurt anyone.

If you get the chance not only would I recommend a trip up Moel Famau but just leaving the city for a few days as well. I came home to my Liverpool flat feeling well rested and revitalised which was just as well when my 6.50am alarm went off and dat routine started alllll over again.


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