Getting My Shake On at Archies

There are a few ways to this gal’s heart but a good burger is up there in the top 3. When I went to sample the menu at Archies as part of their Free Shake Friday’s promotion (more on that later) I was spoilt for choice. With a menu containing everything from burgers and hotdogs to wraps, wings and waffles picking my dinner was no easy task. In the end though, a good ol’ burger is always gunna come out on top.


When it comes to said burgers I’m all about the classics so the Route 66 burger was right up my street. A beef burger topped with a whole load of bacon, cheesy goodness, this sorted out my burger craving that had been hanging around since I missed out on Sweden’s finest in Stockholm. My dinner date for the night sampled the Hot as Hell-Mann, a mash-up between Archies and Hellmans mayonnaise which is definitely not for those with a delicate palette (i.e. me.) He, however, reassured me that it was fab.


Archies is one of those places that I walk past (every day to be precise) but just never think to go in. It’s a shining beacon of neon pink scrumminess on Ranelagh Street that is housing some top notch burgers and even better milkshakes; quite the compliment from a self-confessed milkshake avoider.


We sipped our way through the Nutty But Nice (a Snickers and banana concoction) and Go Bananas which featured everyone’s favourite chocolate bar; Kinder Bueno. Archies milkshakes will be bringing all the boys to the yard on Friday’s with their new Free Shake Friday’s promo. Order any burger and fries on a Friday up until 27th October and you can get yourself a free shake to wash it down with. If that isn’t the best way to get that FriYAY feeling then I don’t know what is.


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