Holiday Preparation Tips

Now that holiday season is upon us we’re all dreaming of spending our afternoons at the beach, cocktail in hand. One of my favourite parts about going on holiday is the preparation. OK so obviously the best part is the holiday itself but the organiser within me just loves the whole preparation process from planning what to do once I’m there to making sure my case is packed to perfection. (Packing however is the one thing that always gets left until the last minute because well, I’m not perfect…)

Once you stop going on holiday with your parents and you no longer have your Mum to make sure you’re good to go it’s time to take matters into your own hands. I like to think I’ve become a bit of a holiday prep pro so here are my ultimate tips for making sure the run up to the big trip is as stress-free as possible.

Do your research

Once you’ve booked your holiday and the excitement has well and truly kicked in it’s time to do your research and decide exactly what you want to do whilst you’re there. Part of the magic about visiting a new country are the hidden gems that you stumble across accidentally but it’s always good to have some options up your sleeve. Invest in a guide book for the country or city you’re heading to which will be full of useful tips and ideas (most of them come with a pull-out map as well which are a lifesaver on city breaks!) There’s also loads of blogs and websites which will be full of alternative ideas to help you put together your trip to-do list.

Holiday Preparation Tips

Don’t forget your essentials

It can be easy to get carried away buying your new outfits and booking your boat trips that you forget to actually prepare your essentials. Holiday insurance is a must and by using a comparison site you can easily find a great deal. Shop around for your currency and take time to think about how much you will need for your trip (although you can always get this in the airport if you’re really pushed for time!)

Suncream, toiletries and medication are absolute essentials so make sure you’ve got them all ready to go before you set off. If you’ve only got hand luggage allowance then make sure you don’t exceed the liquid limits- nobody wants to treat themselves to an expensive perfume only for it to be lost to the horrors of airport security. Although they might seem tiny the miniatures you can buy in places like Boots and Superdrug are surprisingly useful plus they look super cute in your case (which is what matters right?!)

Plan, roll and pack

Although I may leave it until the last minute packing my case is by far the most thought-out and planned part of my preparation. The thought of forgetting the top that goes oh so well with my new shorts or the bag that will take me from day to night is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. I always like to be prepared and this is no different. Once my holiday shop is complete, because I ALWAYS need new clothes for a trip, I like to take the time to plan out each of the outfits that I’ll wear whilst I’m away. I think about what I’ve got planned and for when and compile myself the ultimate holiday wardrobe. After all there’s no point jamming your case with 10 tops and only 1 pair of bottoms for a 3 day trip is there?!

Once my holiday outfits are planned to perfection I’m all about the lists. I write out a list of everything I will need for the trip, starting from the minute I leave the house to the soul-destroying moment I land back on British soil. I personally like to compile two lists; one for my main bag and one for hand luggage/handbag where I’ll keep all my important documents etc. Then when it comes to the actual packing it’s just a case of making my way down my check-list as opposed to running round my bedroom frantically hoping I haven’t forgotten anything.

Last time I checked a super creased top is not the look you want to be sporting whilst on your jollys. I find that the famous roll don’t fold technique is your best bet to ensure your endless ironing the night before doesn’t go to waste. If you’re taking chargers or wires with you then I recommend getting yourself a little pouch to put them in to ensure they’re easy to hand and don’t get all wrapped up in your swimwear…

Holiday Preparation Tips

By being super organised and implementing a pre-holiday preparation plan it should mean that you can kick back and relax from the night before you jet off, ensuring you get to make the most of the pre-trip excitement. Ironically I currently have zero summer holiday plans but that may all be about to change after writing this…




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