Hopping Over the Water to The Devon Doorway

I may have worked over on the Wirral for almost 2 years but other than my daily commute across the water, my time spent on the ‘other side’ is next to none. I certainly wouldn’t have a clue about where to recommend you head for some solid scran. Well until last week that is. The Devon Doorway in Heswall has just undergone a mighty refurb and I was luckily enough to try it out when it was all brand spanking new and the paint was still wet.

The Devon Doorway

The Place…

Heswall to me is the home of Hungry Harriet. That’s it. That’s as far as my knowledge on the place stretches to. Now as great as she is it turns out that Heswall is actually also home to some top notch eateries, The Devon Doorway being one of them. Easily commutable from both Liverpool and North Wales this is the perfect place to call in to if you’re mid-way through a Sunday afternoon walk of the Wirral countryside.

Now I can’t comment on what it was like before it had a makeover but I can confirm that nowadays it is right up my street. This place is literally cosy heaven. We’re talking log fires, outdoor fire pits, crushed velvet and even a basket of blankets to help yourself too. The DREAM. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was how cosy and welcoming it was meaning it got a great big tick before I’d so much as looked at the menu.


The Devon Doorway
The Devon Doorway

The Drink…

When I go out for dinner I’m not normally that fussed on the drinks menu. I enjoy a good cocktail as much as the next person but normally I’m a jug of tap water kinda gal. It was a whole other story once we were here though.

I’m not sure if it was the cosiness of The Devon Doorway that made me want to curl up with a good glass of wine in front of the fire, the expansive cocktail menu (from which I would recommend the peach bellini) or the build your own G&T bar that did it; but I thoroughly enjoyed sampling the alcohol on offer...and still managed to wake up to my 7am alarm with next to no groaning.

One of the first ports of call when we arrived was the create your own gin bar. Once you’ve got your gin and tonic of choice it’s over to you to accessorise it with everything from peppercorns to fruit to mint and thyme.  


The Devon Doorway

The Food…

Whenever people ask me what my preferred food/cuisine is, I never know what to answer. Lately however, I’ve realised that you can’t go wrong with some top quality pub grub. And that’s exactly what The Devon Doorway does best. It was most definitely on the nicer side of the pub food spectrum and was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in ages, so much so that I’ve been recommending it to everyone I’ve spoken to in the last week.

We kicked things off with the Crispy Karaage Chicken (think Katsu Chicken and you’ll be on the right line), Chargrilled Lamb Kofta’s and then some Deep Fried Brie to share because, well, why not?! The Karaage Chicken was one of the best starters I’ve ever had and let’s be honest, deep fried brie is always going to be a winner.

For mains we went full carnivore (despite my dining partner supposedly trying to opt for a more plant based diet…) although I can’t blame him from straying from his plan because man alive his Roasted Rack of Lamb was a sight for sore eyes. I opted for the 7oz Fillet Steak which was hardly the most adventurous choice but all doubts were quickly banished the second I tasted the peppercorn sauce.

Despite pouring over the menu on the night I have to admit that I’d already looked at it in-depth online before I even left my flat and boy did I know what dessert I was going for. The Melting Chocolate and Peanut Bomb was at the top of my to-try list. A chocolate shell that melts away to uncover a sticky toffee, peanut-y, chocolaty concoction; it was truly the stuff that dreams are made of. My other half went for Eton Mess which I’m assured was fab but I couldn’t take my eyes off my own plate to so much as give it a try. Which i guess just means I’ll have to go back to try it...

The Devon Doorway

The Verdict…

We turned up to The Devon Doorway with zero expectations and were fully blown away. I’m still dreaming about the chocolate and peanut bomb and am planning the upcoming months around when I can next go back for the ultimate winter weekend pit stop.

The Devon Doorway

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