How To Find The Perfect Present

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is in fact a task I find thoroughly enjoyable. I know a lot of people dread having to hunt down a birthday present, these are also the same people who stick to the humble gift voucher every year, but not me. I thrive on it. The main reason is because I love seeing the look on someone’s face when I get them a gift that is just so ‘them.’ If you tend to veer towards present disasters, then these fail safe tips and present ideas will ensure people remember your gift long after the big day.

present ideas

Head online for more unique options- although the great British high street is full of some absolute gems, there are now hundreds of websites dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift. Not On The Highstreet has long been a personal favourite but lately my head has been turned by someone else. Old English Company have everything from enamel pins to notebooks and artwork, meaning there’s something for every budget. Websites such as this are the perfect place to find something a little bit different and you can rest assured that a gift from places like these will go down an absolute treat.

Plan ahead-OK so we all know how much I like a plan and present buying is no exception. When I have an event coming up that requires a gift I like to take some time a good couple of weeks in advance to decide what I’m going to get. Write all your key dates in a diary or calendar so there will be no chance of forgetting. Keep a listen out throughout the year for your loved ones dropping hints, chances are they’ll mention something that they really want and will be over the moon when you remember. Just make a note in your phone or even next to their name on the calendar so once their birthday rolls round you’ll be good to go.

Don’t forget the wrapping-alright so it might be a bit superficial of me but I’m all about ensuring a present looks great. You could have bought someone a pile of dog poo but if you wrap it in some nice paper with a matching bow then you’ll be on to a winner. *Disclaimer* please don’t actually wrap up dog poo for someone. Once I’ve found the perfect gift it’ time to make it look the part, set aside some of your budget for a nice sheet of wrapping paper and some ribbon. As well as your present presentation don’t scrimp on the card. I love receiving cards that are so ‘me’ and have a relevant joke or picture on them. With so many places selling top notch cards you’ve got no excuses to not find the perfect one.

This post is written in collaboration with Old English Company who are currently hosting a competition for a chance to win a set of their enamel pins.


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