How to Make Rented Accommodation Feel Like Home

Last month I made the oh so exciting move into a new flat and a month later I’m finally settled in. Rented accommodation brings up images of dated decor and tiny bedsits for a lot of people but in actual fact some of the best pads out there are to rent. Although we loved our flat when it was just an empty shell we still wanted to ‘make it our own’ and I’ve been in my element researching and sourcing the ultimate interior items. If you’re moving into rented accommodation or if you already live there here’s how you can make it feel like home.

Flowers and Plants

I grew up constantly surrounded by flowers and houseplants. My Grandma never didn’t have a vase full of flowers on her table and when her birthday rolled round her house resembled a florist’s I kid you not. Therefore for me, plants and flowers are a home essential. There’s something about having fresh flowers on the coffee table that instantly brightens up a room and (providing you aren’t a hayfever sufferer) I find that they put me in a much better mood as well.


These past couple of years I’ve also well and truly jumped on the cactus bandwagon. These prickly lil’ guys are my ultimate home accessory and they take next to no looking after which is perfect for me, the unofficial plant killer. My first foray into the world of cacti came at Christmas and I loved it so much I named it Carl. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some greenery to your home then cacti are the answer, naming them is, however, optional.

Alllll the soft furnishings

Soft furnishings in my humble opinion can make or break a room. Cushions, throws, rugs; you name it, I love it. I couldn’t comprehend the thought of a sofa without some fancy cushions and don’t get me started on a sorry looking bed with nothing but a duvet thrown over it.


OK so I’m probably being a bit dramatic but soft furnishings are my thang. I know for some people multiple cushions and throws on your bed that get taken off before you climb in at night may seem pointless but a well dressed bed does all the talking and providing your bed looks good it doesn’t necessarily matter what the rest of the room is up to. Similarly if your sofa is looking a little dated but you don’t fancy splashing the cash on a new one then cushions and throws are a great, budget-friendly way of giving it a facelift.

Candles (and lots of them)

Need to relax? Light a candle. Need to get rid of a funky smell? Light a candle. Need to make a major life decision? Well lighting a candle might help, you never know. Candles are the ideal way of making a room seem instantly cosier not to mention smell amazing. Add to the mix the fact that loads of candles out there look like ornaments in their own right and you’re onto a winner. The only problem is that sometimes they look way too pretty to actually burn.


If you’re lucky enough that your landlords lets you put stuff on dem magnolia walls then make the most of it. Artwork is the ultimate way to spruce up bare walls and can instantly make rooms seem a whole lot less empty. Mirrors and photos of family and friends are also a great way to make a house feel like a home and let you put your own stamp on the place. I’ve got my sights firmly set on this badboy which is the perfect piece for any scousers home, adopted or otherwise.


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