My 2019 Reading Goals

Oh how I love a new year. Ridicule me all you like but I fully thrive when the new year rolls around. I just love how positive and aspirational they make me. For me, a new year is the perfect chance to figure out if there’s anything I want to change, improve or get rid of. There’s something super special about the promise of 364 brand spanking new days to mould into whatever the hell we want.

Although I’ve made a list of goals for 2019 that covers everything from work to exercise, it’s my newly set reading goals that have got me all excited. Last year I saw so many people setting themselves the challenge of reading a certain amount of books throughout the year and to be honest, I was a little bit gutted that I hadn’t done the same. I’ve always loved reading but for me, last year was the year that I really fell back in love with having a good book in my hand. And just in case you wondered what I read last year, make sure you check out the bookshelf section at the top of the page.

So this year I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 50 books. There, I’ve said it now and there’s nothing like putting something out there on the internet to give you the motivation to achieve it is there?!

To be honest, I’ve got no idea if 50 books is achievable or not. It works out at just over a book a week which is pretty much what I tend to average anyway but with a full time job, a blog and a social life to juggle sometimes my faithful paperbacks end up taking a back seat. Well not this year. It might seem like a tall order to some (and to some people it’s probably just a drop in the ocean) but by utilising my time and always ensuring there’s a book in my handbag I think I stand a pretty good chance. To be clear, I love reading. It’s one of my favourite things to do therefore this is a goal that I’ll actually enjoy trying to hit and really, what’s the point in setting yourself goals that you just won’t enjoy trying to achieve?

Books to read in 2019

So the big question is what exactly am I going to read? I have a note on my phone that I keep up to date whenever someone recommends a good book so luckily I’m never short of options. Which is good considering I need to get through 50 books over the next 52 weeks. I have however got a few that are firmly sitting at the front of the to-read queue…

Books to read in 2019
Books to read in 2019

An Edited Life by Anna Newton- as you might know if you’re round these parts of the internet fairly often, I am an organisation Queen. I love finding new things to organise and plan and January is always the month when the organisation bug hits me with full pelt. I’ve been reading Anna’s blog for YEARS so when I saw she was bringing out a book on how to organise all areas of your life it went straight to the top of my to-read list. It’s out this month so I’m keeping my eyes peeled on the shelves of my local Waterstones...

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris- I’ve seen sooo many people rave about this that I finally gave in and bought it. This has been given the title of the first book of 2019 I’m about a quarter of the way through. It’s all about a prisoner of Auschwitz who was given the job of tattooing identification numbers onto fellow prisoners. I’ve always been enthralled by anything to do with WWII and Auschwitz and so far this is not disappointing. It’s also based on a true story to really ramp up the emotional factor.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton- I first spotted this book when I was in the bookshop buying a Christmas present and the blurb had me hooked so much that I bought it there and then. The premise is an intriguing one; a young woman gets murdered at a party and one of the guests, Aiden, must figure out who killed her. The only thing is, until he figures it out the day she died will keep repeating, with Aiden waking up in the body of a different party guest each time. Now don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a page turner!

Apple of my Eye by Claire Allan- OK so this one is kind of cheating a bit. I’ve actually already read this one but I’m part of the 2019 book tour for its release so figured I could include it here. I won’t spoil it by telling you too much about what I thought (other than saying it BLEW me away!!) but Claire’s first book, Her Name Was Rose was a hit with me so I always knew this one would be too. Exploring family secrets and dynamics, there’s elements that we can all relate to.


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