My Top Places Online For Every Day Inspiration

OK so I know in last weeks post I was waxing lyrical about the importance of ‘switching off’ and spending some time away from the screen and don’t get me wrong I haven’t suddenly changed my mind, I AM making an effort to put my phone down and enjoy the moment. That being said the internet is a marvellous place and with so many sites and users it’s a great place to find inspiration and information.

If I must stare at a screen then I at least try and be productive whilst doing it and I can often be found scrolling the following sites when I’m in need of a lil bit of life inspiration…

My Top Places Online For Every Day Inspiration


This is by far my favourite out of all of the places mentioned in this post. Medium is a site that has one mission: to help smart people get smarter. Full of super interesting and informative articles and pieces no matter which one you read you’ll have gained something from it by the end. I could spend days exploring the never-ending stream of articles, all of which are neatly categorized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Today’s lunch time read was this which if you class yourself as a ‘creative’ is well worth a look.

Instagram Explore Page

I know Instagram is getting a bit of a bad name for itself in the ‘blogging community’ (algorithm I’m looking at you) but out of all the social media platforms that I use this is the one that gives me the most life inspo. Although I love seeing what the people I’m actually following are posting the explore page allows me to find new accounts and pictures and opens up a whole new world of recipes, outfits and artsy interiors. There’s a bit of a pressure these days to live the so called perfect insta life so this is one to take with a pinch of salt but it’s definitely the place that makes my wish list as long as my arm, although I’m not so sure that’s always a good thing.

My Top Places Online For Every Day Inspiration

Stumble Upon

I do mainly use this as a way of getting my own blog posts and content out there but it’s also a great way to ‘stumble upon’ existing stuff that you might be interested in. Simply pick your interests, hit the stumble button and it will bring up article after article that it thinks you will like. I often find myself climbing into bed only to spend the next hour ‘stumbling.’ It’s also a great way to find articles and content that you would never normally have found and it’s the ideal place to find a new recipe or two.

Other Bloggers

Obviously I couldn’t write a post about the best places to find inspo online and not mention other bloggers. Blogs are the best way to get yourself inspired and with so goddam many out there now you’ll probably be able to find more than one that covers your favourite topics. If like me your 2 loves in life happen to be Liverpool and food then make sure you check out Steph’s blog for allll the drool-inducing food pics. And for the men out there Sam and Jack have got yo backs covered with top tips and reviews.

Where do you love to scroll online?



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  1. findingataraxia2017
    August 21, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    Oh I love the insta-inspiration, and Pinterest inspiration but the pressure to live a pin or insta-worthy life gets overwhelming sometimes. I also love Bloglovin’ to scoop some new reads. 🙂

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