My Current Favourite Liverpool Independents


This week see’s a week long celebration of everything independent hit our favourite city. Independents week is set to showcase everything that is great about the local indie scene in Liverpool. From bookstores and bars to cafes and cocktail lounges there’s an independent on practically every street corner meaning there’s no better city to be the unofficial home of the Independents.

What Really Happens When You Move Away From Home

What Really Happens When You Move Away From Home


At the tender age of 18 I took the plunge and moved away to university and I haven’t looked back since. Almost 4 years later I’m still living the northern dream and have created my own lil’ life in Liverpool. Coming from the countryside (the smallest county in England to be precise) meant that 18-year-old me was itching to be somewhere bigger, somewhere more exciting and somewhere with a bit more going on. Liverpool therefore was the answer to my prayers.

Cocktails in the City Liverpool

Cocktails in the City: Liverpool’s Best Cocktails

Food and Drink

When you’re as big a cocktail fan as I am then you aren’t gunna turn down the chance to sample some of Liverpool’s finest beverages all under one roof. On Thursday I was invited along to a sneak preview of Cocktails in the City; every cocktail lover’s dream event that’s hitting Liverpool this Friday.

Being a tourist in your own city

Being a Tourist in Your Own City


Sometimes we take for granted where we live. It’s easy to do considering you see the same streets and landmarks day in day out. If you’re anything like me then you either walk along with your head in your phone or listening to music and completely zoning off (probably not the safest way to navigate the city centre of Liverpool.) Although it may mean that I get from A-B in record time I don’t tend to take in any of my surroundings. Liverpool is full of history and culture, it has some of the best looking buildings in the world (am I bias? Probably) and is a tourist hotspot for good reason. Therefore lately I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to be a tourist in my own city and actually appreciate my surroundings.

Holiday Preparation Tips

Holiday Preparation Tips


Now that holiday season is upon us we’re all dreaming of spending our afternoons at the beach, cocktail in hand. One of my favourite parts about going on holiday is the preparation. OK so obviously the best part is the holiday itself but the organiser within me just loves the whole preparation process from planning what to do once I’m there to making sure my case is packed to perfection. (Packing however is the one thing that always gets left until the last minute because well, I’m not perfect…)

Once you stop going on holiday with your parents and you no longer have your Mum to make sure you’re good to go it’s time to take matters into your own hands. I like to think I’ve become a bit of a holiday prep pro so here are my ultimate tips for making sure the run up to the big trip is as stress-free as possible.