Putting Ourselves to the Test at Breakout Liverpool

I’ve often thought that there’s a chance I’ve missed my calling in life. When I’m sat at home, elbow deep in a share bag of maltesers, watching yet another whodunnit (Poirot is my fave in case you wondered) I’m often struck by just how good of a detective I would have made. I would have been in my ELEMENT hunting for clues and solving murders. Something tells me being a real-life detective is probably not quite as exciting as the TV makes it look though. Luckily for me I’ve found a way to curb my sleuthing cravings without anyone having to die: breakout rooms.

Breakout Liverpool
Breakout Liverpool

If you’ve not heard of breakout rooms before then you must have been living under a rock because for the last couple of years they’re all anyone has been talking about. For those of you who don’t know, breakout rooms are exactly what they sound like- rooms you have to break out of. You’re ‘locked’ in a room for 60 minutes and must solve a series of puzzles, clues and codes in order to ‘break out.’ They’re a whole load of FUN.

The guys over at Breakout have set up base across the country and have all different rooms with varying themes and difficulty levels for you to try your hand at. We’ve been down to Breakout Liverpool a fair few times (with varying levels of success but we’ll come to that later) and we’re already discussing when we can go back.

Breakout Liverpool
Breakout Liverpool

Breakout Liverpool have got a grand total of 11 rooms for you to try your hand at and the themes include everything from a pirates shipwreck to a crazy scientists lab. When we recently headed down we tried out The Detectives Office and it’s taken the top spot for me as the best one we’ve done, although that might have something to do with the fact that it’s one of the only ones we’ve managed to break out of…

Breakout Liverpool

Once you arrive your team (anything from 2-5 people) are given a full briefing on the back story of your chosen room as well as what kind of things you’re likely to find in there. Once your 60 minutes begin your faced with tasks such as finding keys to open padlocks, solving clues to figure out codes to safes and unearthing hidden words and phrases that are dotted around the room. All in the pursuit of figuring out how to unlock the door and break out.

So far we’ve tried 3 different rooms at Breakout Liverpool; The Faculty, Classified and The Detectives Office. The Faculty is the only one we didn’t manage to break out of, even with the help of clues from our host that helpfully appear on a TV screen if you’re really struggling. In fact we were nowhere near escaping and even though we played this one on my birthday, I may have spent the rest of the day in a sulk.

Breakout rooms are the perfect activity for all groups and are a great idea for hen/stag do’s, birthday parties or even you work Christmas shindig. Be warned though, you might enter the room best pals with your teammates but once you’ve tried to solve a directional lock with them or argued over the correct code to open a briefcase there’s every chance you’ll never speak to them again…

Breakout Liverpool kindly gifted us our experience in The Detectives Office in return for a review. All opinions are entirely my own.


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