REVIEW: Stanley’s Bar and Grill at the Titanic Hotel

When you’re a burger and chips kind of gal it can be hard finding a slightly more upmarket menu that doesn’t leave you running towards the hills (or the nearest McDonalds) After sampling the new summer menu at Stanley’s Bar and Grill in the Titanic hotel though I may well have found one that’s right up my street.

I’ve had my eye on the Titanic Hotel for a while (and in particular the Maya Blue Spa that sits underneath it) so I jumped at the chance to go and sample the new summer menu in the hotels restaurant. Although it’s part of a 5 star hotel the restaurant was familiar and welcoming, with the exposed brickwork and steel decor creating a modern yet cosy feel.

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The menu is like summer on a plate (or piece of heavy duty card…) with everything from scallops and pork on the starters list to duck breast and my favourite, a burger, for the mains. I opted for the scallops and boy did I feel smug about my choice. They looked more like a piece of artwork than a meal and serving them with chorizo was a stroke of genius…I would have quite happily just eaten a plate of these for my main as well. My partner in crime eating opted for the salmon which came on a bed of dill and horseradish. Although I definitely picked the better option this was the perfect light starter for those summer evenings when you can only stomach something light (and when you’re saving room for the main event!)

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The definition of summer starters

On to the mains though and this was the toughest decision I’d faced all week. I changed my mind a good 8 times and left it right up until the last second to make my decision. I opted for the pork chop with basil crust served with linguine. Not an option I would EVER normally pick. I also had wisdom tooth pain that day so what possessed me to order a notoriously chewy meat I’ll never know. Low and behold it was fab. Pork chops for me remind me of dinner at my Dad’s and god bless him, Jamie Oliver he is not. This however was cooked to perfection and the basil crust meant it was full of flavour. We also shared a side of Salt and Pepper Fries which were potentially some of the best I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a fair few)… I just had to make sure my delicate taste buds avoided the chillies. My dining buddy opted for the rotisserie chicken with sage and garlic which I’m assured was just as good as it sounds.

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The best salt and pepper chips I’ve ever had? Potentially.

When it comes to desserts I’m normally all about the chocolate option. This time however it was the Sticky Toffee Pudding that reigned supreme and I don’t think I’ve ever sampled a better one. Served with banana (i think?) ice cream, which didn’t have the patience to wait around to be photographed, this was high-class indulgence at its finest.

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The banana ice cream couldn’t quite hang around for the photo opp…

Overall we couldn’t have asked for a better first trip (the staff were attentive as well and we had a super interesting chat with the executive chef whose culinary past reads like a directory of fine dining) Don’t let the fact that this is part of a hotel put you off paying a visit, it’s the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion or for when you fancy treating yourself to a blummin’ good meal!



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