Setting Our Tongues Wagging at Wagamama’s

I have long been a Wagamama fan girl and I can never say no to the offer of a Katsu Curry. If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life then that would probably be a major contender. Despite having an extensive menu that sounds the bomb I never really stray from my beloved Katsu so when the guys at Wagamama invited me down to try their new summer offerings I was there before you could say ‘free green tea.’

Liverpool has so many fab independent restaurants that to be honest, I tend to steer clear of the chains. Wagamama is the exception to the rule. What I love is that the food is cooked fresh, so fresh in fact that dishes are delivered to your table as soon as they’re ready so you might have chomped down your main whilst your dining partner is still patiently sipping their green tea.

Wagamama's Review

We kicked off proceedings with 3 starters to share between us: Bang Bang Cauliflower, Tama Squid and Duck Gyoza. The Tama Squid were crispy fried squid balls in an almost cheesy sauce that MELTED the minute it touched your tongue whilst the Duck Gyoza were fried duck dumplings served with a cherry hoisin sauce. Both were equally delicious and I could have happily eaten an unlimited amount all night long. The Bang Bang Cauliflower was crispy fried cauliflower in a firecracker sauce. Now I LOVE cauliflower but when it comes to anything spicy I just can’t hack it meaning these were kindly passed over to Sam aka my number one dining partner. He assures me however that they were unreal and not to be missed, providing you can hack the heat.

On to the mains and we were served enough food to feed a small army. Our server reassured us that we didn’t have to eat it all. He clearly didn’t know us at all because there wasn’t a morsel left, we practically licked our plates clean.

First up was the Chicken Raisukaree curry, a mild, coconut curry full of peppers, onions and surprisingly; lime. This bad boy could easily give my beloved Chicken Katsu a run for its money as the curry god. It was fresh and full of flavour, exactly what you want from a curry right?!

Next up was the Chicken Harusame Glass Noodle Salad. Now I won’t lie to you, this underwhelmed me slightly. It kind of reminded me of one of those salad bowls you buy for lunch when you’re trying to be a health goddess that leave you feeling so unfulfilled that you’re reaching for the biscuits by 2pm. It was light and fresh and full of flavour it was just a bit too healthy for me.


Luckily for us Wagamama’s can be found across the country so if you’re looking for an easy meal that’s guaranteed to taste good and not be too awful for that bikini diet then look no further. We headed to the brand new restaurant at the New Mersey Retail Park in Speke and it’s absolute interior goals.

If you try out the new summer menu at Wagamama’s let me know your thoughts either in the comments or over on Twitter and Instagram.


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