The Best Restaurants in Liverpool for a Special Occasion

I LOVE eating out. If I could go out for tea every night I probably would (mainly due to my distinct lack of skills in the kitchen!) I remember when I was younger going out for dinner was often quite the treat, reserved for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Liverpool has an endless amount of restaurants on offer and there are always new ones being added to the list so I’m constantly out trying the latest menu. My excessive dining out habits however mean that sometimes when a special occasion rolls round, going out for a bog standard meal just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. That being said there are some stunning restaurants in Liverpool that make eating out that little bit more special for the big diary dates…

Panoramic 34


This was somewhere that had been on my ‘to-visit’ list for years! Panoramic 34 is pretty famous in Liverpool as THE place to get the best views of the city. Located on, you guessed it, the 34th floor, the restaurant and cocktail bar has views for miles both across the water and into the city…and beyond. I’ve only personally experienced the cocktail lounge however the drinks were great, the views stunning and the bar food exactly what we needed as we looked out and enjoyed the views. The restaurant menu looks just as good, however if you want to go to enjoy the view then I couldn’t recommend a few drinks in the cocktail lounge more!



Gusto was my venue of choice for my graduation meal so it will always hold special memories for my parents and I. Located down on the Albert Dock this is Italian cuisine at it’s finest. With everything from Lasagne and Meatballs to the ‘Gusto burger’ and courgette fries the menu has something for all tastes. The hummus and pitta starter is always a winner for me but be warned it’s HUGE so can definitely be shared between 2! The interior is lovely as well, nothing too formal so it’s perfect for day and night visits but the glassware and low glow still make you feel like you’re somewhere special. The waiting staff are superb as well, attentive to each diner despite the often busy restaurant.

Alma De Cuba

I feel like Alma De Cuba is a bit of a hidden gem in terms of the Scouse upmarket restaurant scene. Located on Seel Street, its unassuming exterior means it’s easy to not give this place a second thought. Step inside however and the former church has been renovated into a grand and picture-perfect restaurant and bar. Hanging lights and original windows make it feel really special. We went on Valentines Day so were treated to a set menu (the duck starter still goes down as the BEST meal I’ve ever eaten!)


I know this is another Italian (which is actually strange considering it’s one of my least favourite cuisines!) but I went for a meal here in my first year of uni and have been itching to go back ever since. The carbonara I had still filters into my dreams 3 years later. It’s dimly lit and cosy yet it still feels like a touch of luxury…right up my street!

Where do you like to go for a special occasion? Let me know in the comments!


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