The Definitive 2018 Liverpool Bucket List

2018 marks the 5th year that I’ve been living in Liverpool (sorry Mum) and in that time I’ve developed a penchant for red salt on my chips, discovered that tequila actually can taste alright when it’s blackcurrant flavoured and realised that when your boyfriend is a Liverpool fan you really do just have to accept that you’ll always be one place behind his beloved reds. That being said there is still a whole host of things on my Liverpool to-do list. Instead of boring you with my new years resolutions (start the gym blah blah blah) I thought I’d share my New Years Liverutions (??) e.g. the things I want to tick of my Liverpool bucket list this year. So without further ado….

Sunday Service Gospel Brunch at Alma De Cuba

Holy Moly I do not know HOW I haven’t already been to this. Gospel choirs are my thang and combine that with a Sunday lunch in arguably one of Liverpool’s best looking restaurants and you have potentially a winning weekend experience. Here you have the chance to be serenaded by a live gospel choir as you munch down your roast potatoes and to be honest, it’s worth going just for Alma’s stunning interiors alone.

To book your place head to Alma’s website here:

Maya Blue Wellness Spa at Titanic Hotel

I went to check out the summer menu at the Titanic hotel last year and the food was out of this world. As we were leaving though my beady lil’ eye got caught by the sign for their spa. A quick google search later and it was firmly sitting on my must visit list. Hidden underneath Stanley Dock this exclusive and calming haven has everything you could ever want from a spa day. Now I just need to convince my other half that we both deserve a post-Christmas treat…

For more information on the various packaged on offer head here:

Speke Hall

This gal loves a day trip and Speke Hall has been whispered many a time when we’ve been planning a day of exploring but we’ve never quite made it there. That is all about to change this year though, just you wait. Located in, you guessed it, Speke, this is a national trust centre with a sprawling garden and woodland. The hall itself is closed until February but the grounds are still open and ready for a winter walk.

To see what’s on at Speke Hall this year check out their website:

Take in the views at Liverpool Cathedral

I lived right next door to the Anglican Cathedral during my last year of Uni and although those bells were a NIGHTMARE when I was hungover on a Sunday it is a god damn picturesque building. One of the many things it offers is a trip right up to the roof and providing you aren’t scared of heights this is the best place to take in the views of Liverpool. Rumour has it that on a  clear day you might even be able to see Wales. I’ve been saying that I’ll head up there for years so now it’s time I stayed true to my word.

Tapas at Salt House Bacaro

Since living a stone's throw away from Castle Street I’ve had my eyes opened to a whole new world of Liverpool bars and restaurants. Time and time again I’ve walked past Bacaro with a longing look in my eye, this coupled with the fact that every time I ask someone for a restaurant recommendation this is always top of the list means I’m ensuring I pay a visit in the first half of the year. I sampled their fried chicken topped with mac and cheese (yes, you heard me right) at Baltic Market last week and as far as previews go, this was as good as it gets.

You can let your own mouth water by viewing the Salt House Bacaro menu here:

Pizza at Crazy Pedros

OK so here’s the thing, I’m not really a fan of pizza. I like it, hell I enjoy it when I do eat it, it’s just never at the top of my list. That being said there’s a new pad in town that might just change my mind. Crazy Pedro’s is a Manchester export that’s made it’s way over to Liverpool and brought a whole host of pizza concoctions with it. With pizzas topped with everything from mini hamburgers (!!), fried chicken and waffle and steak these aren’t just any ol’ pizza’s and they might just be enough to make me a pizza lover…

If you’re in the market for pizzas with a twist you can see what Crazy Pedro’s has to offer on their website:

Channel my inner Tommy Shelby at the Peaky Blinders bar

I may only be a few episodes into series one but we already have a Peaky Blinders fan on our hands. I just can’t get enough of Tommy Shelby and the gang and the fact that a lot of the hit series is filmed in Liverpool means it’s even closer to my heart. A new Peaky Blinders themed bar has just opened up on Stanhope Street and brings with it all the 1920’s vibes you could want. Now I just need to decide if I dar go in costume…

Have Fish and Chips by the sea

Liverpool has a handful of beaches and sea fronts right on it’s doorstep although you wouldn’t know it if you looked at my history. Despite loving a good british beach I’m yet to step foot on any of the northern sands. From Crosby to New Brighton, once summer hits I’m grabbing my pals and heading for some fish and chips on the sea front, with maybe a game of mini golf on the way.

Punk Afternoon Tea at The Baltic Social

I’ve tried a fair few afternoon teas in my time and I love me a good egg sandwich and scone combo. The Baltic Social however put one almighty spin on the great british classic. Their punk afternoon tea has everything from mini hot dogs to glorious brownies and cakes that make you put on a stone just from looking at them. All washed down with a teapot of cocktails this afternoon tea for the rebels.

Hopefully this (very) long list will have inspired some of your 2018 plans in Liverpool, I’ll let you know in December how many of them I manage to tick off.



    • January 29, 2018 / 11:22 am

      Yes! Speke Hall looks so fab, once the weather is a bit brighter I will be straight there for sure x

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