The Ultimate Festive Night In

Once December 1st rolls round we’re faced with an endless stream of Christmas parties, meet ups, reunions and shindigs which mean you never really get a minute to yourself. Although I love spending time with friends and family over Christmas and partaking in all of the seasonal activities, sometimes it all leaves you feeling a bit burnt out and a night in is just what the doctor ordered. If you’re planning a cosy night on the sofa then here are my tips for making it more festive than Santa’s workshop.

The films: Nothing says a Christmas night in quite like a good Christmas film. For me every festive season kicks off with The Holiday, there ain’t nothing like a bit of Cam and Jude lovin’ to get my heart warmin’ and festive feelings tinglin’.

Although there are the classics that have to be watched every year (Home Alone, Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street I’m looking at you) each year I like to unearth a few that I’ve never watched before. Last year was the year of Arthur Christmas and this year I’ve got my sights firmly set on The Polar Express.

The ultimate festive night in

It’s not Christmas for me unless I’ve settled down on the sofa to watch Mrs Miracle and Mrs Miracle 2 (google them, you won’t be disappointed) with my Mum so if you’re on the hunt for cheesy, feel good, festive Hallmark movies these are your winners.

The snacks: To be honest I’m a bit of a self-confessed snacker all year round, there’s no need to have a tree in the corner of your room to find me knee deep in a box of chocolates. Once we hit December though I’m a woman on a mission to devour every single festive snack out there.

We may only be a couple of weeks into December but I’ve already sampled a fair few edible treats that have got my mouth watering. Mr Kipling have well and truly provided the goods with their festive bakes (think a cherry bakewell with a smidge more marzipan about them.) No Christmas is complete without a tin of chocolates and for me it’s Celebrations and Quality Street all the way. These are hands down the perfect accompaniment for any festive situation: watching a film, wrapping your presents, travelling back home (I can fit a whole tin in my handbag right??)

Rumour has it the land of the God’s Marks and Spencer have produced the best mince pies around this year so you can bet your bottom dollar I’m making a beeline for them the first chance I get. 

The ultimate festive night in

The activities: Once you’ve watched all the films and eaten one too many mince pies then a Christmas activity or two never goes amiss. For me it’s all about the board games; Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who, you name it, I’ll play it.

If you’re not a board game’s kinda person then there are loads of other activities to get you in the festive spirit. A spot of festive baking is my Christmas Eve activity of choice so dig out an old family recipe and put ya pinny on. If you’re feeling brave you could even attempt wrapping your Christmas presents just make sure you’ve got Fairytale of New York blasting and an sweet, sweet glass eggnog cooling at your side. 

This year is the year I also debated buying myself a Christmas jigsaw. Although I decided against it (which had everything to do with me being a busy 22 year old and nothing to do with me not having a puzzle board, promise) I can’t help but think settling down to a puzzle or two in front of the Christmas tree sounds god damn idyllic.

What are your Christmas night in essentials?


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