The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

When October hits, my inner Kevin McCallister is itching to get out and spread some Christmas joy. For most people though, it’s still a bit too soon to be uttering words such as tinsel and mince pie. Therefore I tend to put all of my festive fever into celebrating halloween with a bang. Luckily for me (and you) Liverpool has plenty of spooky shenanigans to keep you occupied over the most chilling celebration of all.


The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

Shiverpool has become a bit of a local Liverpool treasure. These ghost walks with a twist take you round one of two of Liverpools most historic streets (Hope Street or Castle Street) and are filled with tales of years gone by. How true the stories are is up to you to decide but the theatrical hosts and characters that pop up along the way ensure a fun-filled night full of jumps and laughs aplenty. Ideal for date night or as an alternative night out with your mates.

Creepy Cinema

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

Some of the greatest films of all time are tinged with a halloween theme (hello Hocus Pocus) hence why the majority of my October is spent in front of a spooky film, hot chocolate in hand. If, however, you actually fancy leaving the house then a creepy cinema trip could be ideal. If, like me, you’re more into the cheesy, family-friendly options then HUS is playing everyone’s favourite, Hocus Pocus at 6.30pm on the 31st.


Farmaggedon has been on my Halloween to do-list since my first year of uni and I still haven’t gone. This interactive walk-through horror experience is set on a farm and takes you both indoors and outdoors for the scare of your lives. This is always a popular one with scousers and visitors alike so keep your eyes peeled on the website for tickets.


The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

This is a horror attraction with a twist because unlike Farmageddon, Ghoulies is here to stay all year round. With Hollywood style characters and animatronics this is one not to be missed, unless of course finding yourself having the scare of your life isn’t how you like to spend your evenings. Located on Dale Street, this brand new interactive horror attraction is set to bring some fright to the city centre.

Pumpkin picking

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

If you don’t carve a pumpkin in October then I’m afraid you’re no friend of mine. If you fancy really going all out with your carving escapades then why not go and pick the pumpkin from the field yourself. Full of those all important Instagram opportunities, because are you even a blogger if you haven’t got some pumpkins on ya grid?! You can head to the pumpkin field at Claremont Farm.

Howloween Puppy Parade

First and foremost I’m not really a dog fan. I’m more of a cat girl, always have been, always will be. With that absolute bombshell out the way there is one dog based event that even I can’t say no to. The Howloween Puppy Parade takes place in town on the Sunday before Halloween and is a chance for Liverpool’s finest pooches to dig out there best costumes and come and show us what they’ve got. Mark my words this is the cutest thing you will see all year and that’s coming from me, the self-confessed dog avoider.

Scouser things

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

With the return of Stranger Things getting ever closer (27th October) every man and their dog is prepping for the return of Eleven and co. Therefore Constellations just may well be on to a winner with their Scouser Things immersive night on Friday 27th. Full of the 80’s sync that fans of the show will know and love and interactive Stranger Things themed frights and thrills, any so called fan can’t miss this (me included, I’ll see you there!)


Ahh Camp and Furnace, the home to the esteemed Night Garden and one of the best roasts in all the land. Naturally then, they haven’t disappointed with their Halloween offering. Wonderland is running right through to early November so you can keep the spooky theme alive even after the big day. This immersive, walk-through experience tells the tale of missing girl Alice. Follow the clues around the location to be in with the chance of winning a cash prize if you can figure out what happened to her before you too meet the same grisly fate….

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Liverpool

The weather might be getting colder and the nights darker but that doesn’t mean you have to spend every night snuggled on the sofa. However you choose to celebrate Halloween just know, once it’s all over that’s when the Christmas countdown really begins! Sorry not sorry.


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