Ways to Enjoy the Winter Post Christmas

Christmas, unfortunately, seems like a very distant memory and I can hardly remember what a mince pie tastes like. I always dub winter as my favourite season of all but if I’m being 100% honest what I should say is “my favourite months are September-December.” Once we hit January I always get a heavy case of the post Christmas blues and find myself a bit lost and down in the dumps. Judging by my Twitter feed I’m not alone. January seems to have gone on forever and everyone seems to be in a bit of a rut. I am, however, trying not to be a negative Nancy and am instead channeling my inner positive Patricia and finding ways to embrace the remainder of the winter even if there are no mince pies in sight…

Make the most of all that spare time

December is always a mad rush of Christmas shopping, parties and family gatherings that mean we often find ourselves without a minute to ourselves. Once January hits though most people are either saving their money, on a health kick or embarking on Dry January which tends to mean social events grind to a halt. Make the most of your new found free time either in the evenings after work or at weekends. January is the perfect time to start that Netflix show you’ve had your eye on (hello Peaky Blinders) or to start that new hobby you claim to never have time for.

Start your 2018 bucket list

Now is the perfect time to get going with your 2018 bucket list. Whether you’ve set yourself loads of travel plans, restaurants you want to try or books you simply have to read, making a start on the list is the perfect way to banish those winter blues. I’m thinking about booking a holiday (or two) to give myself something to look forward to. A perfectly valid reason right??


Declutter your life

January is the perfect time to have a good ol’ clear out. Whether your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, your inbox is full of unread junk mail or your cupboards won’t shut after having to find room for all your Christmas presents, by the time January rolls around a clear out is often long overdue. I may be ever so slightly sad but the feeling of pure joy I get after a big clear out is matched only by the joy I get when eating Nutella straight out the jar. Those winter nights on the sofa are also a great time to clear out your social media, unfollowing all the accounts that you’re no longer interested in (yes, that does mean the girl you used to be mates with who you love to spy on still) will mean you’ll actually be scrolling through photos you want to see. Who’d have thought it?

Embrace your winter wardrobe while you still can

Come the end of August I’m always itching to get some top notch knitwear in my wardrobe and then before I know it it’s suddenly too hot for one of my beloved roll neck jumpers. While we still have a few months of cold weather left I’m fully making the most of wearing all the jumpers, scarves and boots I possibly can.

Set yourself some realistic goals

Oh new year’s resolutions, how I both love and hate them. I am the biggest advocate of making a fresh start in the new year and love setting myself some goals. The only problem is that I end up kicking myself when 4 months in I haven’t gone to the gym every day, read 50 books and learnt a new language like I promised myself I would. Therefore this year I’m all about the realistic resolutions and I’ve set myself some goals that are actually you know, achievable. The post Christmas months are the ideal time to get beavering away at them so that by the time Spring rolls around you’ll have them mastered.



  1. February 1, 2018 / 4:30 am

    Amazing idea for a post! I’ve been trying to spend my spare time decluttering my space!

    • February 1, 2018 / 9:26 am

      Thank you! A post Christmas clear out is the best right?

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