Why City Breaks Are Your New Best Friend

I love city breaks. The past 3 holidays I’ve been on have been of the city break variety and each time I fall a little bit more in love with spending a few days exploring, city guide in hand. While I enjoy a beach holiday as much as the next person (and I am hoping to see some sun this year) it’s the short and sweet city break that has my heart.

I think the reason I love city breaks so much is because you don’t need to use up half your annual leave allowance just for a few days of jet lagged induced sun worshipping. Most cities can be explored in a few days so if you jet off over a weekend the amount of time you actually have to take off work is minimal, throw in bank holidays and you’re on to a winner.

Stockholm City Guide

Depending on where you go, the humble city break is actually normally pretty cheap. Obviously if you’re thinking of hitting the upper east side in New York then you might need a few more coins in your piggy bank but the European destinations tend to be pretty darn well priced. Booking a package deal is often the easiest option and sites such as Holiday Gems are often where you’ll find the best prices.

If you’re anything like me then the planning part of the holiday is where you have the most fun and a city break is well and truly a holiday that needs some planning. Finding yourself in a foreign city with no idea where anything is is a scary thought so arming yourself with a guide book is always a good idea. Don’t forget to research the best way to get from the airport to your accommodation to save yourself a mini airport breakdown when you realise the price of a cab is approximately half your budgeted spending money for the trip.

The best thing about city breaks though is that they’re so blummin' fun. Whether you’re exploring the Heineken Factory in Amsterdam or bopping your way round the ABBA museum in Stockholm,  you can be sure that an unrivaled weekend of laughs and adventure awaits and although I normally come home veering on exhausted you can bet that I’ll be sleeping with a smile on my face.

If you’re thinking about booking a city break of your own then I’d put Stockholm, Prague and Amsterdamup there as the top destinations to consider. I’ve got my sights firmly set on Barcelona and Edinburgh as my next destinations now I just need to convince someone to come with me…


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