Why We Should All Print Out Our Photos

If you’re anything like me the camera roll on your phone will be chocka block with holiday snaps, night out selfies and instagramable brunches. I’m such a photo hoarder that I regularly get the dreaded notification to tell me my storage is nearly full and so begins the heart wrenching task of deciding which photos to say goodbye to.

The importance of printing photos 3
The importance of printing photos 4

Considering most phones these days come with a bloody good built in camera (hello portrait mode) and with Snapchat and Instagram taking over our lives it’s no surprise that we all see ourselves as the next Mario Testino. We may take a million photos but how often do we print them off? I love nothing more than sifting through my grandparents endless photo albums and boxes full of photos but when do I ever look at my own? The answer in case you were wondering is never.

This year however I’m determined to regularly print out the photos that I love so that if, god forbid, my phone dies a sudden death, my drunk selfies won’t be lost forever. These square prints from Printiki are the perfect way to keep my memories alive. There’s actually loads of different options on the site but the glossy, square beauties caught my eye and I reckon they look pretty fab in my album.

The more I've thought about printing out my photos the more I've realised how important it is. OK so we have no idea what kind of glorious technology we'll have in 20 or 30 years time but I think it will be pretty sad if the future generations don't have albums and physical photos to devour. I'm all for hard drives and Facebook albums but digging out an old photo with a scribbled place and date on the back fills you with much more nostalgia than the click of a few buttons.

Not only that but a house isn't a home without a few photos scattered around the place. Printing them out and putting them in cute frames is the perfect way to make your home more personal and 'yours' and you can easily switch up the photos as the years go by.

In collaboration with Printiki.


The importance of printing photos 2

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  1. March 10, 2018 / 8:28 am

    Nothing beats flicking through an old photo album for me. This has inspired me to buy an album and fill it full of the pics on my phone xx

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