Winter Bucket List

In case you hadn’t already figured it out I am quite the fan of winter. Christmas get’s me all kinds of giddy and I just LOVE getting myself set up in a cosy flat with a good Christmas film and a tin of Celebrations. I do however find that these months tend to fly by and before I know it winter is over and people are muttering words such as “BBQ” and “heatwave”. VOM. This year therefore I’ve decided to write myself a mini winter bucket list to ensure I really make the most of the most wonderful time of the year. *Disclaimer: these can also be completed post Christmas.*

Christmas markets I know, how original. There’s just nothing like wandering round some alpine huts looking at handmade soap you ain’t ever gunna buy and munching down a Bratwurst or two.

Sip on a Christmas coffee Oh how millennial cliche of me. Every year I admire the Starbucks and Costa festive menus from afar, too scared to dip my toe into the world of flavoured coffees and hot chocolates. Never fear, 2017 is the year I devour allll of the gingerbread lattes. Maybe.

Do some more baking OK so Mary Berry I am not but I’m not too shabby in the baking department either. If there’s any season where it’s acceptable to spend your Sundays baking and scoffing all the cakes, brownies and cookies then it’s sure as hell Winter.

Consume all the festive treats For when the aforementioned baking goes wrong I’m determined that this will be the year my kitchen looks like the Christmas aisle of Tesco and I don’t miss out on any of those Mr Kipling baked goodies. Anyone for a mince pie?


Enjoy the great outdoors It may be blummin’ cold out there but that doesn’t mean we have to sit inside in our PJ’s every day (just 6 out of 7 will do.) Bundling up and heading out for a winter’s walk used to be one of my fave things to do when I was a country bumpkin. This year I’m determined not to let city centre living stop me from enjoying a winter walk or two.

Take the plunge and go ice skating I’ve been ice skating twice in my life and never at Christmas. Both times I couldn’t even let go of the side so chances are this one may cause me to break a bone or five. It’ll all be worth it for that insta shot though, right???

Have a games night I LOVE a good board game (Cluedo is my personal fave FYI) and this Winter I’ve got ideas of hosting the ultimate board games night featuring all the monopoly and all the cheese boards. Ya gal knows how to throw a party people.

Watch the Christmas films I’ve never seen I don’t think I can carry on calling myself the Christmas Queen for much longer unless I sit down and watch the festive films I’m yet to cast my eyes over. Elf, The Grinch and The Santa Clause Movie I’m looking at you.

Become a cocktail connoisseur Not only do I want to up my baking game this winter I also wouldn’t mind becoming the ultimate cocktail pro (an Old Fashioned to accompany those board games? Hell yeah!) A cosy cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to a Friday night on the sofa so I’m determined to perfect my tipples just in time for beer garden season to roll around.

Make the flat a cosy haven When you’re at work 9-5 and it’s a bit chilly outside, there’s nothing better than coming home to a cosy flat, lighting some candles and getting comfy under a blanket. Hence why I’m making it my mission to make our flat so cosy we won’t ever want to leave.

Have a mega clear out Despite my best intentions I am the ultimate hoarder. I’m the worst for chucking things in a drawer just in case or hanging onto a top I haven’t worn for 2 years because “you never know.” Over the next few months my belongings are gunna take a serious cut, ready for a fresh and airy spring (or simply just so there’s room to store all those Christmas decorations I just can’t stop buying!)

Actually enjoy a bath I am not a fan of baths. I get too hot, I get bored and I just find them more stressful than relaxing. I wish this wasn’t the case but you won’t catch me within 2 feet of a bath bomb. I’m making it my mission to change that though and with the help of all the relaxing candles and bath oils I can find, I’m determined to enjoy 20 minutes in the tub.

What do you want to tick off this winter?




  1. December 9, 2017 / 10:47 am

    ooooh nice choice of movies. You’ll enjoy them I’m sure. I’m really not a schmaltzy person, but even I cried at Elf 😀
    You’ll be proud of me – I’ve had 7 mince pies already this month! 😀
    Have a lovely Christmas.

    • December 18, 2017 / 12:25 pm

      7 mine pies is impressive…I think I’ve lost count haha

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